Monday, 14 February 2011

Beng Hock RCI; Dr. Porntip is not in the witness list so is Dr. Peter Vanezis

I am quite happy to read the news reports today on the conduct of the first day of the RCI, it is confirmed that the RCI's  Terms of Reference are:

1. Whether or not there was any impropriety in the conduct of the examination of Teoh in the course of an investigation into a Shah Alam report 0052/2009 by the MACC in relation to its standing orders and practices and to recommend any appropriate action, where necessary, and
2. To enquire into the death of Teoh and the circumstances surrounding and contributing to his death.

I am glad to see that the team from the AG's office is kept intact to assist the RCI despite pressure brought to bear by Gobind and Imtiaz acting for Teoh's family and the Government of Selangor respectively (Interesting that the Government of Selangor is still paying Imtiaz to represent them, I just wonder if the state annual budget allowed for this kind of legal representation). 

So the witness list is out as well and apparently the RCI will be relying on our local forensic expert testimony as Dr. Peter Vanezis and Dr. Porntip name has been left out at this time.

I can understand why Dr. Porntip's name is not in the list, here is an excerpt of a posting by Gopal Raj Kumar:

"These are relevant matters considering the conduct of Teoh’s family appointed counsel and their star Expert witness at the first inquiry. Dr. Pornthip who lied to that first inquiry.
In her own words she said with words to the effect that ‘she gave conflicting and misleading evidence as to how Teoh Beng Hock died’ ‘in order to force a second autopsy and inquiry into the death of Teoh Beng Hock’.
Her counsel Karpal Singh failed to bring that particular element of her testimony ad evidence to the court’s attention as he ought to have (as an officer of the court) and neither did he Karpal counsel Pornthip to withdraw her misleading statement in this regard.
Are either of these parties now to participate in the Royal Commission of Inquiry?  (Pornthip was never described by herself or her counsel as being anexpert witness for the inquiry which ought to have been the case. Instead she claimed to be an Expert for Teoh’s family and someone whos speaks for the dead).
The point here is that she was not impartial or an Expert witness in the first inquiry. Even if she were admitted and recognized properly as an Expert witness at that inquiry she was not imparital and not intending to be so in her own words. Pornthip failed to establish her credentials properly before that first inquiry and her evidence is of no relevance or probative value to that first inquiry or to the Royal Commission." Read the full post here.

The RCI continues this Wednesday 16 February 2011, and apparently the members are visiting the place where Teoh fell to his death at Plaza Masalam on Thursday. 

Just hope that the RCI is not delayed because Gobind wants to appear in other Courts as well. He must choose to attend or not to attend the RCI because of his other Court commitments, it cannot be delayed because he is not around for the RCI.

Read the full report from The Star here and the MI here.

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