Monday, 14 February 2011

Much ado about Valentine's day, let's make 14 Feb the day we do not argue about everything on anything

1. I do not know about everybody else but let me say that I have no problems with Valentine's day, nor do I have a problem with any body else of whatever religions celebrating it. To me its just like Father's Day, Mother's day, AID's day, Earth Day, Graduation or whatever Day that one wants to celebrate peacefully without causing problem to the public.

2. As a matter of fact I have no problem with JAKIM starting a campaign for Muslims not to celebrate Valentine's day. It is JAKIM's right to do the campaign to advise Muslims in Malaysia and it does not in any way infringe the rights of others to celebrate the non-secular day anyway.

3. I do have a problem with Politicians or wannabe politicians using Valentine's day as a tool to divide Malaysians, we do not need ignorant outdated rhetorics from Guan Eng who gleefully use the opportunity to make hay. 

As opposed to Guan Eng's devisive rhetoric this is what JAKIM DG has to say:

PUTRAJAYA, Feb 12  The Director-General of the Malaysian Islamic Development Department (Jakim) today explained that Islam has never rejected the good things introduced I do not know aboutby the West, including matters concerning love.

“We accept and celebrate Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, for example, to commemorate our love for our parents.
“At the same time, however, Islam would reject anything, even from the Eastern culture, if it contravenes the Islamic teachings,” Datuk Wan Mohamad Sheikh Abdul Aziz said when launching the ‘Mind the Valentine’s Day Trap’ campaign in Putrajaya.
He said Islam does not oppose the celebration of love, but immoral activities that usually takes place that coincides with the celebration.
“That is why a fatwa (edict) was issued to prevent and advise Muslims not to celebrate Valentine’s Day because in reality, as well as historically, the celebration of Valentine’s Day is synonymous with immoral activities,” he said. 
The fatwa, issued by the National Fatwa Council during its 71st conference almost six years ago, stated that “the spirit of Valentine’s Day celebrations is associated with elements of Christianity and vice activities that are prohibited in Islam.” 
Wan Mohamad said the explanation on this matter is vital to ensure that Islam will not be defamed as opposing all festivals and celebrations of other religions such as Christmas, Deepavali, Chinese New Year, Gawai, and other celebrations. 
“We just cannot get involved with other religion’s worshipping rituals. In a social event, we can always join the non-Muslims, no problem. 
“Our leaders also attend such events. Even the muftis attended tea parties organised by their neighbours celebrating Christmas,” he said. 
The ‘Mind the Valentine’s Day Trap’ campaign is aimed at preventing Muslims, especially teenagers, from celebrating Valentine’s Day which falls on February 14. — Bernama

Happy Valentine's day to friends who are celebrating it, remember it is not the day that matters but if you are in love with someone who loves you in return then everyday is Hari Kekasih. 
Lets pray that common sense and cool heads prevail, let us make today the day that we do not have to argue about everything on anything. 

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