Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Parti Keadilan Rakyat solution for members who left the party, just disparage them and call them racist?

I am not in any way commenting  on what YB Gobalakrishnan said or done in his colourful political carrier from an MIC member to founding member of PKR and now as independent but somehow he does not strike me as being racist at all, he fought for the well being of his race in Malaysia, if that is being racist then I guess almost all of us Malaysian are racist.

Anyway this is official from PKR:

Kenyataan Media: Pemimpin Perkauman Sesuai Keluar Parti

Ahli Parlimen Padang Serai, N. Gobalakrishnan yang mengumumkan keluar KEADILAN baru-baru ini telah menuduh berkali-kali bahawa KEADILAN meminggirkan masyarakat India.
Sebelum ini Ahli Parlimen Kulim-Bandar Baharu Zulkifli Nordin menuduh KEADILAN mengabaikan masyarakat Melayu.
Tuduhan-tuduhan bercanggah ini membuktikan bahawa pemimpin yang masih terperangkap dengan mentaliti perkauman tidak sesuai berada di dalam KEADILAN yang merupakan parti politik pelbagai kaum yang progresif.
Read the full statement from PKR here.
Kind of rich don't you think, coming from a party whose internal elections are anything but adil or transparent and whose De-facto leader refused to be subjected to an election under its Party Constitution. 
Keep up with disparaging and labeling the leaders who have left the party you PKR hardcores and you will soon find out how little support you have in Parliament or the DUN after the next 13GE. 
I think PKR will soon end up like the so many parties that come and go thru out Malaysia's history for serious lack in political objective and direction. 
Basically PKR have nothing to offer the rakyat as an alternative to the UMNO/BN coalition, it even managed to get itself in a knot by refusing to accept the appointment of the Selangor State Secretary which was done according to the Law and with the Sultan of Selangor's consent.

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