Sunday, 13 February 2011

John Malott had got it all wrong about Malaysia under PM Najib

Update 15 Feb 2011

Sorry friends it seems The New Ledger has taken down Rachel Motte's latest article on Mallott see the commentaries here and here.


Former US Ambassador to Malaysia Mr. Mallott wrote a rather nasty piece about Malaysia in the Wall Street Journal recently, which was criticised by many as nothing but an attempt to shore up support for his good friend Anwar Ibrahim whose political fortune is on a steep decline. Bad news Mr. Malott, Anwar could not even save himself, let us not even begin to talk about him saving this country from god knows what little demons you have created in your delusional mind. 

This is a good response from the New Ledger by Rachel Motte to John Mallotts sick rhetoric about this blessed nation:

John Malott and Anwar Ibrahim
Anwar Ibrahim’s Pet Defender: Ambassador Mallott’s Credibility Gap

Read in full with links here.

Please note that the link to Rachel Motte's article above has been taken down by the blog author The New Ledger.

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