Sunday, 20 February 2011

Kit Siang says Pakatan must look beyond race...yes, talk is certainly cheap

A news report from the MI interview with DAP Supremo, YB Lim Kit Siang:

Pakatan must look beyond race, says Kit Siang

As it is, of the DAP National Leadership of 31 Malaysians there are: 

2 Malays(7%), 

24 Chinese(77%) and 

5 Indians(16%). 

Lets not even talk about the DAP State Leadership composition shall we. If the DAP leaders and members cannot themselves look beyond race and find the will to encourage more Malays to join it, what is there further to say? Its all UMNO's fault? Blaming UMNO alone would not help.

After 41 years at the helm of the DAP its time that the  DAP Supremo  lead the way to show that he is serious, first the DAP needs to reform to show a more balanced multiracial outlook reflecting the demographic realities in Malaysia, it is supposedly a multiracial party is it not. 

Then and only then will the Malays without the help of UMNO view it less suspiciously as a chauvinist party which cannot accept that this blessed nation has a Malay root. 

Forget the temporary Pakatan Rakyat platform which is anything but a united coalition anyway, perhaps at 70, and after 41 years as DAP Supreme leader Lim Kit Siang might want to reflect further on the DAP  he has shaped since inception, where is it heading to as the demographic of the country changes rapidly going into the future, a future without Lim Kit Siang at the helm.

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what about umno, mca and mic?