Wednesday, 25 August 2010

YB Nurul Izzah grounded in submarine controversy

On 4th August 2010, PKR's YB Nurul Izzah gave an interview to Indonesia's magazine in Jakarta. The following is what happens if a rookie YB makes a politically loaded statement which among others also criticise her own country's defence capabilities in regards to the operational readiness of our first submarine without first checking the latest technical facts and figures in a foreign country....well, she gets shot down with egg on her pretty face looking like a fool:

Kapal selam bukti keupayaan operasi persenjataan

This will be very bitter for YB Nurul; KD Rahman Submerges, Traitors Surface

In Malaysia, the first missile is fired from its submarine

Such is the seriousness of the damage that she has done to the image of our country's defence capabilities on foreign soil, even the lame spin by the FMT, I am no traitor, Nurul tells the 'patriot' does not work.

For YB Nurul's info, the Exocet is the best antiship missile system and is the only battle proven missile of its class in the world, our Armed Forces in particular the TLDM has made a very wise choice. Read here.

Instead of making a defiant stand against the Kementerian Pertahanan and the Malaysian Government in what is clearly a lapse in judgement, she should actually make a public apology. That would be a more wise and brave thing to do.

For everybody else this is a salute to our Angkatan Tentera Malaysia:

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