Tuesday, 10 August 2010

The Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy Trial - Justice Delayed is Justice Denied too

It is really becoming very tiring for concerned followers of the Anwar Sodomy trial, there seemed to be no end to the delaying tactics which by the way is being denied by lead defense counsel Karpal Singh.

I think almost every body can see the quite obvious intention behind the actions despite Karpal's repeated denials and significantly a clearly exasperated Dato' Mohd Yusoff said "I'm saying this for the first time, we can't allow the defence keep on delaying this trial, we simply can't look only at the interest of accused. We must look into interest of complainant and the public as well,".

I think the learned Government Counsel spoke for many of us in Malaysia.

The application by Anwar to drop the sodomy charges against him is being heard before the High Court Judge and today 10 August 2010 the Court will hear the defence's submission on the merits of dropping the charge because of Saiful's purported love affair with a minor member of the Prosecution Team.

Read also an interesting observation from a blog here; Karpal Sinks: Haywire Extraordinaire.

Sleepless in Palembang.

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