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Pakatan Aduns in Perak should accept reality and get on with their job as YB Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri

About May 2009 last year I wrote a comment on at HANTULAUT blog which he kindly posted in his blog, titled School Yard Politics.

This is the post:

Whatever the morality of leapfrogging is, in reality, leapfrogging whether good or bad is not against the law and is part of the democratic process whether we like it or not. Pakatan Supreme Leader Anwar Ibrahim is chief instigator in this leapfrogging business and Pakatan have never complained in fact welcome leapfrogs with wide open arms.

What is undemocratic is when Pakatan lost their tenuous 3 seats majority in Perak DUN, they immediately want a change to the rules of the game and wants to force a dissolution and another snap election. To further pervert the democratic process the former DAP Speaker illegally suspended Zambry and his 6 excos and declared the 3 leapfrog seats vacant to cancel the majority that BN now have.

Politics are for grown and matured man and woman, and the way I see it Pakatan style of politics belongs in the schoolyard complete with you are with me or be damned attitude. If Pakatan politicians wants to behave like school ruffians when faced with a legitimate political takeover by BN, then they have no business to be in politics. Do not stay in the kitchen if you cannot stand the heat.

In March 2008 elections the BN has 28 seats, DAP 18 seats, PKR 7 seats and PAS 6 seats. BN at that time asked for a dissolution and another snap election because there is no clear majority BUT the DYMM Sultan Perak in his wisdom refused BN's request and give confidence to the loose DAP,PAS and PKR parties the right to govern the state.

So, BN being a matured and gentleman coalition accepted the DYMM Sultan's command without having to "sembah derhaka" like what that insolent and stubborn Nizar is doing now when his Pakatan is in the clear minority.

I think the democratic process must be allowed to run through its course and that the BN with 31 seats now has clear majority be allowed without hindrance to administer the state of Perak.

The High Court ruling the other day has paved the way for BN to right a mistake of not calling for a DUN to move a motion of no confidence against Nizar and sack him as MB, clearly in a democratic process the minority must accede to the majority not pervert it by using a demented speaker to suspend nine(9) ADUNS on the BN side to give an unholy majority to the Pakatan in the DUN. In a democracy we cannot have a situation where tyranny of the minority is allowed to fester and destroy democratic rule in Malaysia.

I support that no snap elections should be allowed just to please the sore losers of the Pakatan pack, Nizar and his ADUNS has to back down and respect the majority wishes and a emergency DUN be convened ASAP to sack incendiary Nizar and his Pakatan Government and let the rights of the majority be uphold.

As a note there is an interesting insight from a blogger when he said that if the minority in Perak can ask and get consent for a dissolution of the DUN, then is it not possible that Anwar Ibrahim as opposition leader seek to see the DYMM Agung and say he has majority in 5 states and 82 MPs in parliament and try to convince the Agung to dissolve parliament because he thinks he can win a snap election if called now....just a scary thought. But then until this year, who in Malaysia would think that Nizar would sembah derhaka and refuse to resign even when the DYMM Sultan has appointed Zambry as MB, anything could happen nowadays.

Well since then much has changed and the Courts had decided that the takeover by BN was lawful. It is sad however that the Opposition Aduns from the loose Pakatan are still in delusional mode and are still practising school yard politics.

Now Read here:

Nizar was ‘beyond control’, Ganesan says

By Clara Chooi
August 03, 2010(MI)

IPOH, Aug 3 – Perak Speaker Datuk R. Ganesan today defended his decision to eject Datuk Seri Mohammad Nizar Jamaluddin from the House, claiming that the former Perak mentri besar had acted “beyond control”.

He also denied that he had been instructed by someone to remove Nizar from the assembly hall, refuting allegations made earlier today by his predecessor V. Sivakumar.

“I am denying it. I know the rules very well,” he told a press conference after the sitting concluded here this evening.

Ganesan (picture)was asked to admit or deny if he had received a slip of paper from an unknown person just before he decided to suspend Nizar from the House.
Sivakumar, in a separate press conference earlier, had made the claim and had called Ganesan incompetent for having to listen to the orders of an outside person. He also called Ganesan a “puppet”.

“I would not know what Sivakumar is trying to say but as the Speaker, I made use of my power and decided myself to eject to get Nizar out of the House because he was being excessive and he was beyond control and he was trying his level best to do notorious things in the dewan.

“He disrespected the dewan and the Speaker. You know how he repeatedly called me by my name, even knowing that I am the Speaker and he should address me as the Yang Dipertua,” Ganesan lamented.

During the chaotic proceedings today, Ganesan had used his powers as the Speaker under Standing Orders 44(2) to remove Nizar from the House for causing “haru biru” under Standing Orders 36(6).

At the time, a stubborn Nizar was standing and attempting to proceed with his debate on the supplementary supply bill although his alloted 15-minute slot had ended more than 20 minute before that.

Ganesan had allowed Nizar to proceed with his debates for 30 minutes despite his earlier rule that the first speakers from both the BN and PR would only be given 15 minutes to speak. The subsequent speakers were only to be allowed 10 minuted to debate.

They were debating the RM80 million supplementary supply bill tabled by the BN government.

“I order him to leave the House. I am suspending his position as a member of the House,” Ganesan had said.

Nizar however refused to budge and he, along with several other PR lawmakers, then chided Ganesan for claiming he had the power to suspend an assemblyman from his post.
Ganesan later clarified after state executive councillor Datuk Ramly Zahari raised an emergency motion under Standing Orders 44(3) and said that Nizar had been suspended for the day, until the conclusion of the state assembly.

After much heckling, Nizar finally left the hall, trailed by the rest of the Pakatan Rakyat assemblymen.

They later mocked at Ganesan for mistakenly attempting to suspend Nizar from his post as assemblyman, claiming that he did not know how to do his own job.
“Well, I just laugh at them you know. These so-called professionals, who claim that they are well-versed with the rules but I feel they had acted foolishly today,” Ganesan said.

He however claimed that he had not expected any better behaviour from the PR representatives, noting that he had presided over two other assembly sittings prior to today’s session.

“I am already used to it, I always expect this. Although I gave them the chance to debate and to ask questions, they kept on straying from the topic. But that is what they do.

“Then, I know they are clever with twisting stories, putting down others because it is their nature. But I want to clarify clearly, no one wrote and gave me slips of paper to carry out the orders and deep down inside, they know this,” said Ganesan.
Earlier, Perak Mentri Besar Datuk Dr Zambry Abd Kadir expressed disappointment that today’s sitting had eventually turned chaotic despite getting off to a peaceful start in the morning.

“They know when it is time for debates and they know the rules of the House. You saw what happened, when he (Nizar) kept standing up and refusing to respect the House.
“They kept calling the Speaker by his name too,” he said.

He added that it was obvious that the PR had already “pre-arranged” their strategy on how to behave during today’s sitting.

I think Nizar and his Pakatan Aduns should accept reality and become responsible Yang Berhormat Ahli Dewan Undangan Negeri, after all this is the trust put on them when they won their respective constituency isn't it.

Their antics are not contributing in any way to the well being and development of the people of Negeri Perak, Malaysia at all.

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