Sunday, 29 August 2010

A tale of an insensitive DAP, a naive rookie MP and a clueless PAS

The incident in the Surau Al Huda at Kajang Sentral should never have happened had the DAP and their MPs had tried to get to know the sensitivities of the majority Malay Muslims better instead of taking it for granted like the way they treat their clueless PAS partner in the loose Pakatan coalition.

No matter what the reason given by rookie MP Teo Nie Ching, she has inadvertently exposed herself and the DAP to criticism which I think is damaging to their quest for the Malay hearts and minds.

The event have even caused the DYMM Sultan of Selangor to be angry at her actions. A warning letter from MAIS to Teo is therefore forthcoming. Teo has just make herself cannon fodder delivered on a platter to the relentless BN political machine lead by UMNO bent on taking over the state of Selangor and there's no way that she would be allowed to take the role of an innocent bystander because she is not.

here are some news on the gaffe of gaffes by the DAP's rookie MP:

Teo to apologise to Sultan over surau gaffe - TheStar

For Serdang MP, a lesson in the politics of religion — The Malaysian Insider

As usual a clueless PAS who will most likely lose the Muslim Malay votes they gained in March 2008 in the next GE, due to their seemingly blind kow towing to whatever the DAP does, has this to say despite the DYMM Sultan obvious "Murka" to the Surau affair in Selangor:

Nik Aziz defends DAP MP over speech in surau

Interesting to see what the reaction will be in Kelantan if the "broad minded" PAS leaders invite YB Teo to deliver a short speech clad in figure hugging kebaya without a tudung on her head in a Surau in Kota Baru.


Hantu Laut said...

Eddy,PAS is now what the American called snake oil salesman.I am surprised with Nik Aziz supporting the intrusion of DAP's MP into a surau.

Although,I think Islam do not forbid non-Muslims from visiting mosques if the intention is good, Teo visit is political, using the surau, is wrong.

eddy said...

Yes Bro HL, the DAP has scored an own goal on this Surau issue and Nik Aziz could not salvage them from this situation which will be used to the hilt by the BN political machine.

Anonymous said...

Point 1: she was invited to the mosque.
Point 2: the mosque official invited her to make a speech.

So what kind of speech do you expect her to make in a mosque?? How to be a good Islam man/woman?? Of course not, she will talk about what she knows, which is the future Selangor govt's plan.
She is so so lucky she didn't touch the topic of religion in her speech, otherwise Utusan first page is going to scream for her blood.

Btw she is even more decently covered up than most Malay youngster in clubs and shopping malls. Go outside and look. And if you called her baju kebaya form fitting, then she doesn't have any shape or form, macam kayu only.

eddy said...

Anon 23:54,

Point 1: As a Malaysian citizen and an MP she should have enough knowledge about having to be properly attired the Muslim way complete with a tudung for a female. If she is not properly dressed to enter the surau she should decline the invitation.

Point 2 : The Surau official are what I would categorise as ignorant muslims. They should have the common sense not to invite a non muslim female not properly attired to enter the mosque let alone give a speech.

How malay muslims are dressed in the shopping malls or clubs are not relevant to the issue. If they are dressed indecently when coming to a surau or mosque, rest assured they will be chased out in no time.