Monday, 23 August 2010

DAP Lim Kit Siang tells PAS to stop dreaming about Hudud Law and an Islamic State

Until now any statement on DAP's position on Hudud Law and the Islamic State has been given by YB Karpal Singh. The occasional statements by Karpal will always be received by a chorus from PAS which says that it is just Karpal's personal opinion and like most disagreements in the loose Pakatan Pact it will always be swept very conveniently under the carpet by PAS, DAP and PKR who especially seemed to be totally detached when it comes to religious issues involving Islam.

Well just after Karpal's latest tiff on the Hudud Law with Nik Aziz as reported in the
MI:Karpal denies he is alone against hudud law and Islamic state, DAP's Supreme leader and defacto Opposition Leader also de facto Pakatan Head Honcho came out strongly in his blog stating not only DAP's stand against the Hudud Law and the Islamic state but also reiterated Pakatan's agreed policies which PAS supposedly agreed.

The response from PAS leaders on Lim Kit Siang's DAP stand has been rather muted so far with Hj Hadi, Nik Aziz, Ustaz Nash even the cannot stop talking Mahfuz and Khalid Samad keeping a very low profile. Well I suppose this is the Big Boss of Pakatan speaking so to kow tow or not to kow tow, as their PAS supporters would be anxiously waiting for their Leader's brilliant response complete with nas-nas to support their decision.

Well a response which is rather meek, not here not there, typical of PAS post March 2008 came from its VP Tuan Ibrahim and Dewan Pemuda Head Nasruddin, read the MI here:
PAS says DAP does not understand hudud

PAS basically say to agree to disagree with the DAP without the DAP actually acknowledging what PAS say in reply. When PAS say they want to make the DAP understand Hudud Law, it is just another word to sweep the problem under the carpet again.

I think PAS which is the best organised, supported and most democratic party among the three(PAS,DAP,PKR) is slowly but surely becoming a second class partner in Pakatan where its views are not sought nor taken.

I wonder what kind of political strategy is PAS applying in the loose Pakatan Pact. Whatever its merits I think the strategy is not working when issues that PAS holds dear are swept a side by the DAP as easy as knife cutting into soft butter.

So where is PAS going politically with the loose Pakatan pact, many Malaysians voters want to know before the next GE13.

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