Wednesday, 4 August 2010

Al Gore and Wolfowitz united in support of Anwar Ibrahim in ongoing sodomy trial?

Anwar Ibrahim's shrinking pool of notable American friends among them Mr. Al Gore and Mr. Wolfowitz who has not deserted him so far is trying very hard to push the US Government to support their dear friend in the ongoing sodomy trial.

In an Op-ed for the Wall Street Journal Al Gore and Wolfowitz said “While Anwar Ibrahim is on trial before the state, the state is on trial before its people and the world. If he were to be convicted, the whole of Malaysia’s political life and its standing in the world would be damaged. And for what gain?”

Read the rest of the tired post in the MI
here and more here.

I do not think Al Gore and Wolfowitz would succeed though, as both had lost a lot of credibility since their golden years many eons ago:

There is a Police Report against Al Gore;
Al Gore's Portland Masseuse Problem: Everything You Ever Wanted to Know (and Many Things You Didn't)

and Wolfowitz left the World Bank under a huge Cloud;
Activists Urge World Bank to Fire Wolfowitz

Anyway, I think if Al Gore and Wolfowitz or anybody else interested had read the transcripts of the ongoing sodomy trial
here from the beginning, they would probably form a very different opinion of what is going on.

The sodomy trial has got nothing to do with the Malaysian Government, it is solely between Saiful who complained and Anwar Ibrahim who allegedly sodomised him. It is an offence in Malaysia's Law and if found guilty Anwar will be jailed.

Make no mistake, Anwar Ibrahim, a citizen of Malaysia is being charged in a Malaysian Court of Justice for alleged sodomy. Anwar is on trial here, NOT MALAYSIA, MALAYSIANS or the MALAYSIAN GOVERNMENT.

So Mr Wolfowitz and Mr Al Gore, kindly butt out of Malaysia's affairs.

Thank You.

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Hantu Laut said...

Agree Bro! They should butt out.Who they think they are? They know nothing head or tail of the case yet poked their noses.Anyway, they are spent force.