Thursday, 12 August 2010

The DAP disciplinary committee is a farce

The DAP disciplinary committee hearing on Ronnie Liu and Teng Chang Kim gave a new meaning to their much publicized DAP CAT slogan because after giving Liu and Teng a slap on the wrist, it has shown that it is incompetent, not accountable and not transparent, in fact DAP CAT now stands for Continuously Avoiding the Truth.

1. In Teng's case the committee also said that it had accepted the explanation given over his controversial tweet “OMG! Real culprit freed!”. However Teng told the committee that the “real culprit” he was referring to was the “jinyiwei” or the Chinese imperial guard, in the movie “14 Blades”.

It is incredible that the DAP disciplinary committee can accept this kind of school boy explanation, it is laughable that their standards for accepting an explanation is so low.

2. To accept without question Liu's explanation on the support letter scandal and only reprimanding Liu showed that the DAP collectively have got no balls to punish their own leaders for conduct unbecoming.

If DAP wants to show that it is against Corruption and Abuse of power it better start showing that it has the political conviction to punish its own leaders who have deviated from the path. Otherwise their bluster and high talk about competency, accountability and transparency are just political bull shit designed to garner support from gullible Malaysians.

Even the opposition leaning MI have this to say;
The DAP's cop-out.

I agree, the DAP should walk the talk and if I may add not just rely on free continued Chinese Malaysian support for their survival as a political party.

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