Sunday, 22 May 2011

The RCI for Teoh Beng Hock has revealed much more than the DAP ever thought it would

The Teoh Beng Hock RCI has slowly but surely cracked  the glass wall of the holier than thou DAP, the  crumbling glass reveal a bunch of politicians who  says one thing but does another, do as I say not do as I do seems to be their motto, talking about BN corruption when they are practising it and talking about meritocracy when they never bothered about it.

A posting from  Rocky's Bru blog on an expose of DAP corruption based on a Nanyang news report - Suicide Watch and the RCI was commented on by many DAP cybertroopers with lively rebuttals by pro BN and neutral commenter, there is a comment from an Anonymous commenter on the DAP which is a bit different from the usual fare:

Anonymous(Marking Bagpie):

Chronologically, here's the modus operandi of the Cinapek-DAP-PAP-Komunis mindset:-

(i) Firstly, when they were just making it up, the tocangs not yet severed and the tongkangs still harbored on the coasts, they would resort to all sorts of dubious "ways" to make money: Extortions, Kongsi Gelap, Larut-style Gang Wars, Opium and Drug Trafficking plus some more.

(ii) Come the next Era: the Kit Siangs, the Eric Chias, etc etc. Their businessmen now resort to more organized albeit less savory money-making ways: corruption, prostitution, gambling casinos, DAP-style underworldings, Massage houses, Money laundering. Just about every white collar crime that you can think of, there's one of these slitted-eye guys behind them.

(iii) The Gen-X generations. And now due to the wealth created by their fathers and forefathers before them, these people had everything they want. Bathed in luxury, they go to restaurants without looking at the right-side column of the menu and drive German-made cars. They now look at others not as rich as them, as something disdainful. They now view misdoings of some small sector of the govt, like corruption and inefficiency, as something they frown upon, as something that their holier-than-thou flesh would not tolerate, thereby conveniently forgetting their origins and the things their forefathers had to do to bring them to where they are now.

(iv) The Gen-Y generation. The ones who read this. The ones brought up educating themselves in Politics via reading Malaysiakini and Malaysia today lies (when Raja Petra was still in the dark side of the Force) after surfing their facebook messages. These people suddenly look around them and thought (as they have been wrongfully taught) that history is all wrong, their forefathers came here as VIPs of the British to part-own Malaya, the malays are of no consequence, Chin Peng was a hero memperjuangkan kemerdekaan and May 13th was started by Harun Idris. Or Tunku. Or Tun Razak. Or Tun Mahathir. Or whoever, as long as it is the malays.

Their bane? Malay bloggers who put things right through well-researched postings. Their greatest bane? Malay intellectuals who suddenly wake up from slumber, and now make an effort to affirmatize and enforce the teaching of TRUE history in schools, thereby disallowing any attempt to purposely faze-out, blur-out the history of this Tanah Melayu to suit the political aspirations of the PAP--- I mean DAP agenda.

And you all thought the vigor with which they wanted to pin the murder/suicide of TBH onto MACC was purely coincidental?

Marking Bagpie

"Politics is supposed to be the second-oldest profession. I have come to realize that it bears a very close resemblance to the first."
-- Ronald Reagan
10:16 AM

No I am not disagreeing or agreeing with the post by Anon(Marking Bagpie), I just find it different.

The RCI’s deadline to submit its findings has been extended from April 25 to June 25. Both the Bar Council and MACC will file their submissions by May 25.


Anonymous said...

Janganlah Tuan Marking Bagpie malukan komunis. Mereka ada perjuangan, ada ikut fahaman, ada berani masuk hutan, angkat senjata.

Kalaulah diriku seorang komunis, segan sekali untuk dikaitkan dengan parti lalang DAP yang tak bermaruah itu. Kononnya DAP berfalsafah sekular tetapi apabila mula bersekongkol dengan PAS, dalam sekelip mata sahaja bertukar angin -- beria-ia mahu nenegakkan kerajaan khalifah.

Sekarang ini demi meraih undi Kristian, ubah angin pula kepada mengibarkan panji-panji perang salib.

Mana ada prinsip yang dipegang DAP? Jauh lebih mulia gerila komunis daripada laskar-laskar sewaan DAP yang dok menembak curi sambil melepak di atas kerusi empuk. Amir-amir 'Saidina' Umar Lim itu ketara macam samseng.

Kalau ditanya penganut Buddha, saya kira merekapun pasti bangang dengan perangai kelompok DAP yang langsung tak menghormati Hari Wesak dan mahu diseret mereka untuk ikut sama bergaduh.

eddy said...

Tq for your comment Bro Anon. Saya rasa betul juga apa yang saudara cakap pasal Komunis tu. Sekurang-kurangnya Komunis takkan gunakan Hari Wesak untuk kepentingan politik mereka. Maknanya DAP ini dah nak jadi macam Puak PAS, cuma DAP gunakan ugama Kristian.

Kita tengok macam mana Gomen selesaikan masaalah huru hara yang di buat oleh DAP ini. Kalau ikut hati saya, dah lama saya campak Guan Eng lidah biawak ini masuk tahanan ISA, dia ingat jawatan Ketua Menteri yang dia ada tu dah besar sangat kah.

Anonymous said...

There are only 2 reasons why TBH died. Suicide or murder. If it is suicide, then he did it to cover up DAP's corruptions. If it is murder, then the people that gain most from his death are the suspects as they do not want him to be a witness against them. Who are these people? It has been revealed at the RCI.Certain players in the DAP and certain contractors.