Sunday, 8 May 2011

Allegation that extremists plans to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia must be investigated

Today is a hot day indeed, its not just the outside temperature began with these blog postings:

Agong under threat? DAP wants to make Christianity the official religion of Malaysia?

And by Big Dog's:

Followed by Rocky Bru's: 

Utusan Malayia came up with a  front page report:

Malaysia negara Kristian?

Which really got the DAP all riled up and on the defensive:

DAP calls Utusan’s Christian Malaysia report a ‘dangerous lie’

A timely call by the KDN Minister though I wish he would act firmer and with more urgency:

Hishammuddin: Agenda to make Christianity official religion serious matter

I think despite the curses and innuendos by the DAP and those like minded heaped on Utusan and the pro-UMNO bloggers, the allegation on  the Oaths taken by the Pastors at the hotel function purportedly organised by DAP Jelutong in Pulau Pinang must be investigated thoroughly by the Polis and should not be dismissed as just an impossible dream of a few political or religious extremists who go carried away by the heat of the moment.

The Malaysian Constitution in Article 3(1) provides that Islam is the Official Religion of Malaysia, let those who plans or even think about usurping the Constitution knows that they will have to face the full force of the Law for their action.

Somehow in all this political and religious mess, I think the DAP has really bitten more than they can chew and all those ethnic Chinese and Christian support have made them all "besar kepala" and forget themselves. The current fiasco of the almost all ethnic Chinese Shadow Cabinet in Sarawak showed how far the DAP is out touch with the realities of  a multiracial and multi-religious Malaysia style of governance, the give and take politics that has been BN's and Malaysia's forte for decades.

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