Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Of an overseas job for Malaysians, Talent Corp and Mount Everest

Finally a good day to sit down and just relax while watching The Italian Job on telly and catching up with my blog. The past weeks since coming back from Chittagong has been rather hectic, preparing a technical team for a job overseas seems more difficult than I thought, besides the contractual and technical details to be resolved in time. However,  the manpower requirement seems a bit dodgy, whereas some do not need convincing to go overseas, a few seemed reluctant because of family commitments etc. 

I hope tomorrow will be a good day when all the selected Managers and Engineers will agree to their overseas assignment, if not for anything, their CVs will be greatly upgraded after completion of the Chittagong job and that means their market value goes up :-). 

Talking about overseas job, I can't help but still think that the Talent Corp idea is a bad idea. For one there are plenty of talents in Malaysia who could do the same job offered at more competitive prices and the plus point is these local talents are not fair weathered people, they will stay in Malaysia for better or for worse. 

Money spent for the Talent Corp should have been used to invite minimum Ph.D holders from all over the world's good universities to do research in science and engineering in placement in many of our IPTAs. The Ph.D experts could in turn teach and train more local research students. To become a high income nation, a nation must also have its own solid research and development program. The People's Republic of China Gomen understands this very well, read here, Singapore Gomen is doing the same. 

Just hope that our Malaysian Gomen realise what golden opportunity they are missing with the money they are spending through Talent Corp to entice fair weathered people to come to Malaysia and work here temporarily.

Anyway, I wish I was younger, I would have taken the overseas job in a flash but now due to other tasking, I just have to make do with monthly visits for meetings etc. There is a plus point though since Chittagong is only less than 2 hour flight to Katmandu, Nepal,  I will try to take a few days off there to get quite close to Mount Everest no not thinking of climbing, at my age that would be a death wish, its just so that I can have a few pictures of myself taken with the Himalayas and the world's tallest mountain as the background.

I hope to be here in 2011

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