Monday, 9 May 2011

MCA vs DAP, the battle for ethnic Chinese votes in the next GE

Lets face it, lets not play musical chairs, the Chinese votes has gone to the DAP and will likely stay until the next General Election, no doubt DAP's Chinese centric State Government Exco in Pulau Pinang and the ex Exco line up in Perak had lulled majority Chinese into thinking that with a fragmented Malay majority, by voting for the DAP the Chinese will have more political power in comparison with their minority but economically powerful status. That's what I think anyway unless somebody come up with a persuasive rebuttal, that will be my thoughts until the next election.

However this is a free country after all,  and  one's vote is one's own prerogative. 

The MCA is now going all out to woo back the Chinese votes before the next General Election, I think its mission impossible but then I cannot fault the MCA President Dr. Chua for trying his damnedest best. I wish he would succeed, like many Malaysians, I do not want a BN win without Chinese votes and MCA fulfilling their vow that they will not accept any Cabinet Post if the Chinese do not vote for them in numbers. A Cabinet without Chinese representation would be a disaster to this blessed multiracial  country of ours as the polarization among races will be sharply accentuated. 

The following are two very thought provoking post fom the MCA owned Star, please read both :

1. Chinese voters must decide 

The question is whether the Chinese community wishes to be in the government or the opposition in the next general election.
IT’S a month now since the Sarawak state polls and Tan Sri Taib Mahmud, who was the target of the emotional election campaign, remains the Chief Minister.
He delivered 35 out of the 35 seats contested by Parti Pesaka Bumiputra Bersatu and convincingly won in his Asajaya stronghold, with his opponents losing their deposits.
The calls for Taib, the longest serving Chief Minister, to step down have since stopped.
Despite the cry for change, nothing has changed. Taib is still the man in charge and he still holds the key to the state’s 29 Barisan Nasional MPs in the safe deposit box.
Painful as it may sound, the reality is that the only change that has occurred is the Chinese voters have committed their representation to the opposition. Read More here.

2. Battle to ride the Chinese tiger 

A kungfu match has been going on between the two champions of Chinese interests since Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek revealed that MCA leaders are prepared to pack their bags and go if they do not get the Chinese support in the next general election.

THE slanging match between the leaders of the two main Chinese parties in the country has been the subject of dinner conversations over the last couple of weeks.
MCA president Datuk Seri Dr Chua Soi Lek and DAP secretary-general Lim Guan Eng have been at each other’s throat and the Chinese vernacular newspapers have been lapping it up. Conflict sells and, besides, the subject of their dispute is something close to the heart of the Chinese media, namely Chinese interests and representation.
The spat began shortly after DAP’s sweep of the Chinese seats almost wiped out SUPP in the Sarawak elections. DAP leaders were upset when Dr Chua said SUPP should not accept any government post since the Chinese had rejected them.
But when Dr Chua went on to say that MCA would also not accept any post in the Government if it did not do better in the next general election, it got DAP all hot and bothered.
The two men have since exchanged strong words and resorted to name-calling. Lim fired first, slamming Dr Chua for trying to scare the Chinese with “empty threats” and for fishing for sympathy votes. He dismissed MCA as an “empty fortress” and said MCA would still be beholden to Umno.
Dr Chua returned fire, saying that DAP claimed to be a multi-racial party but only dared to contest in Chinese-majority seats. He said DAP talked about a two-party system but at the same time, it wants to monopolise Penang politics and is an expert at fanning the people’s emotions. Read More Here.
The Malaysian ethnic Chinese community is at a political cross road, to choose between the MCA and the DAP, as the MCA is saying enough is enough, you cannot choose to support the DAP and still get good treatment from the BN Government that you refused to support for whatever reason. This is a situation where the Malay says "DiLuah Mati Mak, DiTelan Mati Bapa".
All I can say to my Chinese friends is "Tepuk Dada Tanya Selera".


Anonymous said...

Kalau ditanyakan selera, menu yang dipilih kaum Cina tak lain dan tak bukan hendak bersarapankan DAP, makan tengahari mahu hidangan DAP juga serta makan malam turut bersajikan DAP. Penulis Star yang bro cedok itu telah mengulas, "DAP’s Lim is on top now, in command of the Chinese tiger."

Persoalannya sekarang negara kita perlu menepuk dada dan mentelaah isu hubungan kaum. Adakah kita mahukan Malaysia ini masih kekal dengan masyarakat majmuknya ataupun beralih kepada 1Kaum, 1Agama? Orang Cina dan India sebenarnya sudah berpusu-pusu berhijrah (keluar meninggalkan tanahair) dan menjelang tahun 2035 yakni dalam lebih kurang tempoh dua dekad, jumlah golongan Cina akan merosot kepada kurang daripada 19% penduduk. Lambat laun, pasti akan luput ciri kepelbagaian budaya Malaysia... hanya menunggu masa.

eddy said...

Bro klu ikut statistik memang betul menjelang 2050, Malaysia akan menjadi macam Singapura dimana kaum majoriti akan mencapai 80 peratus.

Masa tu kita tak boleh lagi kata kita multiracial, more kepada segregated society kalau kerajaan tak ubah cara pendidikan awal dari pelbagai/ vernakular kepada Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua.

Kaum Cina kalau mereka tidak mahu ubah dari cara hidup tidak mahu bercampur dengan orang Melayu secara total akan terasing dan merasa diri mereka tertekan dengan keadaan yang mereka sendiri bina.

Ares Chang said...

Apa yang terkandung dalam menu mereka,kita tak tahu tapi tetap mereka hadir,yang pentingnya,menu
itu untuk semua.
Ciri Budaya multi racial kita saya tahu tidak akan berubah kerana ada asal usul yang telah wujud hingga kini dan ada esoknya.Bila migration berlaku apa kata kita ajak mereka invest untuk jangka masa panjang kerana product ekonomi kita harus menarik dari luar...