Tuesday, 10 May 2011

A noteworthy Post: Demi Negara's End of Representative Opposition..

I have always looked forward to postings by Blogger Demi Negara on the nation's current affairs, his English is impeccable and his writing style is simply absorbing once I start reading it I just can't stop. In his latest macam-macam ada posting he dealt with ethnic Chinese support of the Opposition specifically the DAP, the Anwar(some say look alike, but PDRM hasn't comfirmed) sex videos etc. in a way that provokes your thoughts and wanting some more from the blogger:


End of Representative Opposition ....... plus Some Thoughts on the Malai Lembus

First, my take of the recent Sarawak polls. As I've expected, the Sarawak electorate dealt a knockout blow to Pakatan Rakyat.  Pakatan's 15 seats out of 71 (one-fifth) is hardly the performance of a self-proclaimed incoming government riding a sea of change. 

For all their noise, bravado and high profile  campaigning,  including parading Baru Bian as the Chief Minister-in-Waiting, Brother Anwar Ibrahim's PKR garnered only three seats out of 49 contested. 

Meanwhile, PAS' mullahs jived and shuffled in longboats and longhouses and brought back a big round Omega-3 Egg on their return flight to the peninsula, having obtained all of one percent of the vote.

Yeah, I know, the Cina Totok areas chose to remainperpetually alienated from the mainstream by voting DAP.  But that's just typical of this lost tribe, who has now succeeded in turning themselves into an isolated island of irrelevance in Sarawak affairs. With only two Chinese left standing among BN's 55 reps, Chinese presence in Taib Mahmud's new cabinet is now inconsequential.  Well, Ah Kow, don't go bitchin' if your people have no direct say in Sarawak state affairs. Enjoy your five-year stint in the political wilderness.

So was PM Najib Razak's pandering to the Chinese minority in Sarawak worth it? 


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