Wednesday, 18 May 2011

An open letter for DAP Lim Guan Eng in response to his call to non-UMNO parties to fight Ibrahim Ali

An open letter from a self proclaimed Real Chauvinist to DAP Lim Guan Eng who is  waging a self declared war against Ibrahim Ali and Utusan Melayu:

Lim Guan Eng’s Wesak Day Invitation: An Urgent Reply

To the Honourable Mr Lim Guan Eng
Secretary-General DAP, Penang
2011, May 18th
Dear Chief Minister Lim:
Thank you for your May 17th invitation, reproduced here and here, to join you and your DAP party in fighting Ibrahim Ali. We take this to mean – and your invitation is explicit with its racial divisions, non-Umno, non-Malays, non-Muslims – you want the Chinese and Indians (whom your pastors, priests and your bible collectively call ‘heathens’), as well as the Buddhists, the Hindus and the Sikhs, to join you, the DAP, collectively the Christians, to fight one Malay, a Muslim man.
While we reflect on your invitation, some questions are in order. If you will please respond to them then those answers will greatly assist our deliberations, after which we could reply to you in clear, definitive terms as to our decision.
It might be true there is only one Malay representative party, Umno, although the Malay definition is arguable. But, why do you call the rest non-Malays?
If we are non-Malays are we non-Muslims?
If we are non-Muslims, are we also non-Christians?
If we are non-Christians, what are we in actual, positive terms?
At war is you, your DAP, your evangelists and a general Christian population versus Ibrahim Ali. Your group totals 2 million people or thereabouts. Isn’t that enough against one man? Or, one group? By which you actually mean Perkasa? Why do you want more people to join you and your Christian soldiers in the fight?
Although you have clearly implied Ibrahim should be punished, how do you propose to ‘fight’ Ibrahim Ali or Perkasa or both? In this regard, please be explicit as to your proposed method or methods to fight for the punishment of Ibrahim. We understand that both the bible and historical language use the term ‘crusade’, hence the English verb crusading. It’s like punishment.
Is fighting Ibrahim crusading against him? In physical and historical terms, crusade is popularly meant to include, though not exclusively, violent attacks. You could crusade against a group such as Perkasa or Umno, how do you propose to crusade against one man? Kill him? And with what? How?
If your intention is not a crusade, please suggest other methods or options or alternative ways to fight Ibrahim.
Are we to assume when we join you to fight Ibrahim, whether or not that includes Perkasa, you want us to fight Umno as well? Why do you want us to join you in fighting Umno?
We note you have appended for the punishment of Ibrahim Ali, the newspaper Utusan Malaysia. This in turn suggests that both are now your enemies, so the fight isn’t just with Ibrahim alone, with or without Perkasa. Why do you wish for us to fight Utusan?
You have before urged us to respect freedom of the press, freedom of information and other related freedoms. We have seriously taken such illuminating counsel and so strived to obey every letter of your advice. Like taking the word of your beloved colleague Anwar Ibrahim, we accept your words like you are a Messiah, a gift from your God to our sinful, purgatory lives. Are we now to accept your invitation by making an exception out ofUtusan in spite of those freedoms?
The edifying quality of your leadership and guidance never fail to disappoint. We note again you said: “Only if we cleanse hatred from our heart and fill our soul with love can we find peace, balance and harmony with our lives and with each other.” These are great words of a great man! If you have ‘cleansed’ your heart of ‘hatred’ why do you still want to fight Ibrahim? Why do you want us to join you? Or, do you wish for us to fight on your behalf alone? Will you not be with us in this great fight? How can’t we possibly, without your wisdom and leadership, do it alone? Why? So that your greatly cleansed heart and your lovely, peaceful, balanced and harmonious soul shall remain untainted from the filth and soil of spilling, coagulating blood? O! Messiah Eng! Messiah Eng! Messiah Eng! – truly, you speak as no other man has spoken. Indeed, you’re a Great Wondrous Gift of God! There is no man equal to you in all our beloved Malaysia! Not even, we regret to say, Anwar.
While you rest, deservedly, from your past labours and we fight in your stead please also advise us of how we may ‘cleanse’ our hearts of the hatred we pick up on the way to getting Ibrahim punished. Or is there a way to do it without collecting hatred? (Also, when we get Ibrahim punished, shall we use the Jesus T-cross? What sign or words should be nailed at the top of cross or on top of Ibrahim’s head? Can we use the word ‘ANTI-CHRIST‘? Roman letters or Hebrew? No hanzi? All in uppercaise? In your Sarawak election posters, the term might have been written wrong. We believe correct grammar usage requires a hyphen; please advise.)
In this fight against Ibrahim there is also a matter that greatly puzzles us. Perhaps you will be so kind as to illuminate us with your wisdom. Ibrahim says, and this is verbatim: “If any party in Penang, especially the Christian priests who are being backed by the Penang DAP, continues with their agenda which we are already aware of, I would like to offer that if they want to hold a crusade, we can too.” In logical sequence, Ibrahim’s crusade is contingent: if you and your Christians crusade against him then he will match you in crusading against you. What’s clear therefore is that if you crusade, he crusades. Flip the logic, he won’t crusade if you don’t crusade. Now, in your invitation, you say because he crusades, you crusade. This then means – and please do forgive but correct us if we are wrong – that if you crusade, he crusades, and you counter-crusade? How many Ibrahims are there to crusade against?
A final matter: A crusade is by religious and historical definition a matter strictly between Christians and Muslims. But, Chief Minister Lim, we are heathens! Are we to accept Jesus Christ and get baptized once we accept your invitation?
On Wesak day, a heathen holiday to you, not only do you disrespect Buddhists and Hindus, Chinese and Indians, non-Malays, non-Muslims to you, you want to convert us, you want us to fight your fight, you want us to create enemies our of your enemies. Dear Chief Minister Lim, are you still plotting, but this time getting one half of the country to fight the other half? How had Lim Kit Siang raised you to become such a vindictive Christian war-monger? Or, did you pick this up during Sunday bible classes? We may wrong, though, so forgive us on this heathen day, a Wesak Day, for we have sinned. Now, fuck off.
Yours truly,
I have nothing further to add, Shuzeng's pen so to speak has cut through the "invincible aura" of Guan Eng's myth like knife cutting butter and undressed Guan Eng as just a two faced politician filled with so much anger and hatred, hardly good material for a party that he will  one day lead soon after his daddy Lim Guan Eng retires, if of course the old man retires.

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