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Zaid Urges Anwar to Sack the Conspirators. Huh? Say What?

updated 26/6, 12:30hrs

Most interesting comment from Zaid Ibrahim on the purported PKR MP rebellion against the MB of Selangor, PKR's very own Khalid Ibrahim:

Excerpt from Free Malaysia Today:

Sack the conspirators, Zaid urges Anwar
FRI, 25 JUN 2010 16:46

By Stephanie Sta Maria
PETALING JAYA: PKR supreme council member Zaid Ibrahim believes that party de facto leader Anwar Ibrahim should sack the 15 MPs who are allegedly plotting a “Selangor rebellion”.

News broke of an alleged revolt against Menteri Besar Abdul Khalid Ibrahim by a group of 15 MPs aligned to PKR vice-president Azmin Ali, who recently resigned from the board of Selangor State Corporation on Wednesday. Azmin has denied any involvement in the alleged plot.

According to reports, the group is dissatisfied over the unilateral manner in which Khalid appointed his new political secretary, Faekah Hussin, as well as his inability to make quick decisions.

An exasperated Zaid, however, called the move “a blatant show of indiscipline” and criticised the 15 MPs' disrespect for authority.

“This issue of Khalid has been going on for over a year,” he said. “At the recent party congress, (party president) Dr Wan Azizah (Wan Ismail) clearly said that Khalid was not going to be removed and Anwar reaffirmed this statement. Once the top leaders have made a decision, the rest of the leadership are expected to follow suit.”
“It's not just Khalid who is on trial but the the credibility of the whole party leadership. If Anwar and Wan Azizah's words don't carry weight within PKR, then how can it mean anything to the rest of the world?”

Zaid observed that Anwar's leniency has encouraged brazenness among the leaders and called on him to start putting his foot down. He also expressed annoyance over the longstanding argument that a firmer stand would drive people to abandon ship.

“Let them jump!” he said. “Let them join (prime minister) Najib (Tun Razak), enjoy the two-thirds and do whatever they want. But PKR is a reform party that has to stick to certain principles and if that means settling for a small but committed pool of leaders, then so be it.”

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For a good background on the plot to oust MB Khalid Ibrahim read here.

I understand that Zaid likens himself to be a highly principled man in politics and despite heavy criticism on him personally from his own party and BN supporters, he sticks to his guns. I respect him for that and it does take a brave man to resign his post as a cabinet minister on a matter of principle.

However, urging Anwar to sack the 15 MPs who are allegedly ganging up against the Selangor MB is too much to ask of Anwar as that will leave PKR with only 12 MPs in Parliament. I see PKR is not about reform or a new dawn for Malaysia its all about making Anwar Ibrahim as the next Prime Minister of Malaysia and nothing else.

I believed if Zaid Ibrahim wants to help reform Malaysia he might want to try the DAP which would offer him a better more stable political platform and the DAP needs to soften its image of a single race party dominated by the father and the son anyway.

It seems that Khalid Ibrahim's MB position is very secure, so say Khir Toyo who believes Khalid is fully supported by the DAP who really pull the strings in the Selangor State Pakatan Government. I would agree with that Khalid seems totally at ease sitting or standing among DAP state legislators YB Kok, YB Liu etc.

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