Monday, 28 June 2010

Revisiting the Johor Bahru Scenic Bridge Project

Updated on 30 June 2010:

Tun Dr Mahathir came out quite strongly for the Scenic Bridge and is apparently advising PM Najib to stop dithering on his decision. Read Dr Mahathir's latest post here ..Jambatan

Original posting:

It looks like the Johor Bahru Scenic Bridge Project may finally see the light at the end of the dark tunnel as reported in the FreeMalaysiaToday, "Bridge to Replace Causeway: We'll Look into it, Says Najib"

Here are some comments from the blogs:

UMNO veteran Ruhanie Ahmad has been a keen supporter of the bridge.."Sultan Johor, Najib, Jambatan, Dan Pemikiran Strategik"

Big strongly support it as well...
"Sultan Johor titah mahukan Jambatan ganti Tambak Johor"

Surprisingly it seemed the previous PM Abdullah Badawi who cancelled the bridge project arbitrarily the last time, seemed OK with the call by DYMM Sultan Johor to construct the bridge; from the Malay Mail "Up to government to revive bridge project - Abdullah" hmm,the fresh air in his retirement must have some effect on him I suppose.

I hope that PM Najib will seriously consider the building of the Scenic bridge(S-bridge,crooked bridge) as besides the positive warming of relationship between Malaysia and Singapore:

1. The Bridge will finally complete the JB Sentral/Bangunan Iskandar CIQ Complex as the present temporary road going down to the causeway and then going up from the causeway into the complex is too steep and too winding and can never match the gradual slope and curve that the Scenic bridge design would offer. The present exit and entrance road lacks safety standards and certainly does not befit what is supposed to be a world class international border checkpoint.

2. With the planned construction of the bridge, our side of the causeway can be dismantled to finally allow water in Selat Teberau to flow in both directions, no doubt this would improve the overall environment as water gets to be flushed either way depending on the rising and ebbing tide.

3. Of course barges and other smaller vessels with light draughts would be able to travel through the causeway and a viable commercial route can finally be established between Tg Langsat Port, Johor Port and the Port of Tanjung Pelepas without detouring around Singapore. I believe the relevant cost will be made cheaper and this would only contribute positively to the development of the whole Iskandar region as the transport route by road, rail and sea shall be complete.

Best of all... a not very exciting JB will finally have a world class iconic structure that will attract Tourists from all over to see and the economic spin offs such as stays in Hotel accommodations and and shopping in commercial complexes will only make JB a more vibrant and exciting place to visit and stay, besides just being known as a BN mega stronghold all these years.

Lastly on the question of to supply or not to supply sand to Singapore, definitely, we should not have to ask Singapore's consent to build a bridge structure within our sovereign boundary that will benefit all Malaysians.

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