Saturday, 12 June 2010

Nazri says Gomen plans new Parliament..Rakyat says its sheer waste

Minister Nazri announced that the Government plans to build a NEW Parliament costing RM800 million in Putrajaya. The reaction from politicians to public were rightly in the negative. Why the heck do we need a new Parliament for?

Dr Chua MCA President tells the Government to "Rethink plan to build new Parliament building"..that means the MCA and BN component is dead against the idea.

Blogger Syed Akbar Ali asked this question "New RM800 Million Parliament Building?" and rightly so.

Blogger Dato' Kadir was more straight forward he said "New Parliament House: A Numskull Idea" his anger shows but not just him, any right thinking Rakyat will be angered by this preposterous idea.

It was said that the "New" parliament is essential for Cabinet Members and MPs to have easy access..I think this is the weakest excuse in the world to build any buiding which would cost RM800 million.

The Westminster where we derived our democracy from, has not changed location for hundreds of years. The Westminster is located at the heart of one of the crowdest city in the world, London and I do not think the Brit MPs there complain about access. The Parliament of other Commonwealth countries like Australia and Canada, India, Pakistan and even Singapore has not changed much as well. Our Cabinet Ministers being decision makers should act within world parliamentary normal norms lah.

The Cabinet and the MPs are chosen to serve the rakyat not look for ways to spend money to make them comfortable lah. The existing Parliament structure, with proper regular maintenance and periodic renovation is good for another 100 years at least, unless the seats in parliament are further increased which is highly unlikely.

With the upcoming subsidies cuts, imposition of GST, maybe new toll hike together with the Government insisting on honouring its contract and paying subsidies to the already profitable highway concessions etc, I believe that when you are asking the Rakyat to get ready for the cuts, increase their productivity and be thrifty, the Government should show the way and not spend money entrusted to it to do all this silly wasteful project like a New Parliament purportedly for easy access to Cabinet Ministers and MPs.

To PM DS Najib and his Cabinet, the RMK 10 is a great plan which deserve our wholehearted support, please do not spoil it with wasteful side issues which more than likely will enrich a few rent seekers whose votes are not enough for BN to win the next GE convincingly. Any Minister who even suggested such ideas should be retired and replaced as soon as possible, he/she is a liability to BN.

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TruthWillSetUFree said...

I read somewhere that there are 5000 students studying medicine and 6000 students studying religious studies in Egypt. Is Egypt a reputable place to study medicine? Is studying religion a productive degree? I am not against government sending students overseas but please don't be wasteful and send students to study something and when they return, tax payers have to spend more money to train them to be useful to society.