Monday, 28 June 2010

Khalid Sacked as PKR Selangor Chief, DAP gets what they want

Continuing from what I blogged previously...and Wow, what a weekend it was, after the just completed PKR retreat in Shah Alam it was announced that Khalid Ibrahim has been replaced by Azmin Ali as PKR Selangor New Chief. It seemed the PKR little rebellion did not achieved what the conspirators really wanted which was the ouster of MB Khalid Ibrahim. Though some like PKR Fuziah and Latheefa tried to paint a positive picture of what happened, I think its not just us outsiders but many in PKR are not convinced with the show.

Even before the start of the retreat, the DAP sensing something bad is going to happen to their favourite Selangor MB issued a strongly worded statement to Anwar Ibrahim's PKR to get their act together and giving their solid support to Khalid. PAS and Hassan Ali after the beer fiasco, having already been subjugated by the DAP in Selangor remained silent and just followed along with DAP this time or any other time I guess.

Zaid Ibrahim after his outburst against the PKR rebels was given the WP PKR Chief Post presumably to appease and quite him down a bit. Azmin was given the Selangor PKR Chief post definitely to appease and quiet him and his supporters for a while though how long they will keep quiet remains to be seen.

So there you have it, Khalid gets to keep his Selangor MB post courtesy of the DAP and PAS and indeed what a coincidence, Anwar Ibrahim gets to keep his "Opposition Leader" post in Parliament courtesy of DAP and PAS as well. Its the Golden Age of DAP dominance in Pakatan now friends.

In March 2008 PKR promised so much, a new dawn so to speak but with the infighting within PKR leadership since then, this is just a mirage, I wonder if it could even last as a cohesive political entity before the next GE.

Anwar Ibrahim facing the fight of his life in court over a sodomy allegation must find the strength to let go of the PKR leadership and concentrate his energies to fight in court, he has to make way for another leader to lead PKR now otherwise as events such as PKR Federal and State legislators leaving and also with the failed attempt to ouster MB Khalid Ibrahim just goes to show that Anwar is fast loosing his grip on PKR and the road to Putrajaya is getting more and more longer and more and more winded.

Having said that I hope that BN especially UMNO folks are not gawking with their mouth open watching with glee the events unfolding in Selangor PKR and Pakatan. They have to grab whatever opportunities that come along to ensure recapture of Selangor. It would not be a walk in the park though because as far as I know many state civil servants are quite happy with the Khalid State Government who does not interfere too much with their work asking for tenders to be awarded to their cronies etc. Even if UMNO/BN managed to take back Selangor I think it would not be business as usual as they now have to perform better and be more transparent or otherwise get thrown out again by the rakyat who now have choices.


Anonymous said...

Very interesting war of denials going on in the PR camp.

DAP is hoping for PKR to self-destruct, because it is a thorn in the flesh in the rich state.

PAS is playing deaf and dumb, hoping that DAP and PKR self destruct together.

But, guess what? The PR supporters still believe it is UMNO's fault.

Try to beat that!


eddy said...

Ya Bro AGMDN, I think Anwar Ibrahim had hard wired the memory of many PKR supporters to blame anything that is negative about PKR on UMNO.

Anwar has been successful in this so far and I see that is his only achievement of any significance since he was freed from prison. I think he will have to do a lot more to make PM of Malaysia.