Thursday, 10 June 2010

Rancangan Malaysia Ke10..unveiled

Syabas, Congratulations kepada PM kita, DS Najib and his Cabinet the RMK 10 looks like a good plan, sounds like a good plan and if implemented efficiently without fear or favour, I believed it would be a good plan that will benefit ALL of us.

Here are some of the news carrying details of the RMK 10 but not yet the analysis by the "so called experts" or comments from the ordinary folks and the Opposition Politicians.

Bernama carried the title: ..Najib Outlines Five Strategic Thrusts To Achieve 10MP Aspirations

The Malay Mail carried the title: ..PM unveils 10th Malaysia Plan
Malaysia aiming for top 5 developed nation status

The Star carried the title: ..PM tables RM230bil 10th Malaysia Plan

The NST carried the title: ..10th Malaysia Plan speech highlights

Some highlights of the RMK10 amidst all the high sounding phrases:

1. For purposes of renovating and upgrading government-aided schools, a sum of RM280mil will be allocated for 2011 and 2012. Each category of government-aided school, namely Chinese schools, Tamil schools, religious schools and mission schools will receive an allocation of RM70mil for the first two years of the Plan. In addition, assistance will be provided to pay electricity and water bills, up to RM2,000 ringgit per month per government-aided school, benefiting about 1,900 government-aided schools.

My thoughts: Though commendable in its inclusiveness to cater for all types of education system sadly it look like the Government is not yet ready to call for a "Satu Sekolah untuk Semua" single system yet. Supporters of Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua should not lose heart though, patience has its virtue. Rome was not built in one day.

2. The performance of students in critical subjects, particularly the National Language, English, Science and Mathematics, will also be improved by increasing the number of quality teachers.

-To improve the competence of graduates, their employability will be one of the KPIs of universities. Financial allocation to universities will depend on the achievement of their KPI targets. In addition, the Government will grant gradual autonomy to the universities to improve their performance.

- In order to promote and encourage R&D activities among the higher education institutions, the Government has declared UM, UKM, UPM and USM as research universities. To further enhance R&D activities and programmes under the 10MP, Universiti Teknologi Malaysia (UTM) to be elevated to the status of a research university.

My Thoughts : Other than the satu Sekolah Untuk Semua idea which was not considered under the RMK 10 I think the rest of the education plan is a good investment for our young.

3.Residents in Chinese new villages will also be given assistance. They will be provided soft loans to assist them pay their land premiums and renewals of leasehold. The loan will be channelled through Bank Simpanan Nasional and an initial fund of RM100mil will be provided.

My Thoughts: Good call by the Government, as like many of us already know, in Malaysia not all Malays are poor but not all Chinese are rich either. But nothing specific for the Indians? Samy Vellu have to check this one out since he still thinks he represents them.

3. Focus will be given to increasing the coverage of basic infrastructure such as roads, electricity and water supply, and communication networks to rural areas. The government will build 6,300km of paved roads in Peninsular Malaysia, 2,500km in Sabah and 2,800km in Sarawak, which is expected to benefit 3.3 million people.

-The Government will also improve rural water supply with a target of 99% in Peninsular Malaysia, 98% in Sabah and 95% in Sarawak. This will involve the extension of water supply to 117,000 homes in Peninsular Malaysia, 112,700 in Sabah and 87,400 in Sarawak.

My Thoughts: Must be effectively implemented to ensure 100% success. All Malaysian whether in rural or urban areas must enjoy same basic amenities.

4. By 2020, it is estimated that there will be 3.4 million senior citizens. The Government realises that harnessing this pool of resource is valuable and this group should be given the opportunity to remain healthy, active and productive in their golden years. In line with this, programmes will focus on enhancing elderly-friendly infrastructure, improving access to affordable healthcare, ensuring adequate provision of homes and improving financial security as well as employment opportunities.

My Thoughts: The age of retirement by Law should be raised to match at least Singapore at 62 not 55 when people are actually at the very prime of their life, the knowledgeable and matured will be able to contribute to Malaysia better than any young guns professionals that the Malaysian Government wants to recruit from overseas where the work culture is totally different and the facilities for them to work are even more different....[RMK 10 - Talent Corporation to be set under PM's Department in 2011 to source global top talent including among Malaysian diaspora]..homegrown talent educated overseas and local, starting their job here are workers who are better suited to contribute to Malaysia's continuing development. Isn't it a waste of immense talent that high performers like Petronas's Hassan Merican retired at the productive age of 57..I am perplexed.

If foreign talents are to be recruited I strongly suggest that the Government invite R & D Scientist and Renowned Lecturers and Educationists from around the world who are experts in their field to set up second home here and teach in our Universities. One expert lecturer can produce many other local Malaysian experts. A professional overseas Malaysians only get paid a big sum of money and probably complain about the weather here but can he produce or mentor more experts for Malaysia?


• 30% target Bumiputera corporate equity remains
• Develop a Bumiputera commercial and industrial community
• Create stronger and more competitive industry champions
• Broadening wealth ownership to ensure sustainability
• Promoting Bumiputera representation in high-paying jobs through enhanced capability building and demand-side incentives

My Thoughts: 30% target only? Could be more but the most important thing is that success is by merit, knowledge and entrepreneurial skills and not because a Malay/Bumi is an UMNO/BN, Minister, Wife of Minister crony or friends. No more rent seekers/one who takes commission and give the job to a towkay friend, he who gets the job must personally start and finish it on his own.

I did not also see anything in the RMK10 about the APs for cars, beras or whatever else that can be imported.

Also not mentioned was how the government wants to control the toll prices of the highway concessions [ada nationalisation kah?] or the Government just wants to pay millions in subsidies to the Highway concessions every year still.

Also not mentioned are the Petronas Gas subsidies for the fat and profitable IPPs and also the GST taxes.

Oh well, we Malaysians just like to complain don't we, I suppose for tonight we should rejoice and be happy in the thought that the RMK10 is a welcome goody bag to every Malaysian but not to the rent seekers and the commission agents and anybody else who do not work for their money and just want a free ride at taxpayer's expense.

Heartfelt Thank You Mr Prime Minister Sir.

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