Saturday, 26 June 2010

The Tale of Two Wees and Ka Siong Vs Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali

Not so long ago I blogged about the speech by Independent MP YB Wee Choo Keong in Parliament which I thought was good constructive criticism aimed at both sides of the political divide,BN and Pakatan. To me YB Wee Choo Keong has all the qualities of a good legislator who represents his constituency well and I do hope he gets re-elected in the next GE so that he will continue bringing up local and national matters in Parliament which would benefit all Malaysians.

There is another YB Wee from the MCA/BN namely Wee Ka Siong who is an MP for Air Hitam in Johor, a constituency of about 55% Malay and 40% Chinese and about 5% Indians. Ka Siong is a Deputy Minister for Education and is also MCA Youth Chief. He has not shown up too much in the radar screen until his name was mentioned in the PKFZ affair and I remembered him crying a little bit in a press conference after a tussle with the then MCA President YB Ong Tee Keat. I find that he is quite particular when it comes to Chinese education though and the latest was his comment on the JPS Scholarship issue vis-a-vis the Mara Scholarship which sparked a tiff between him and Ibrahim Ali:

Watch the video of YB Ibrahim Ali press conference "Wee's statement is rude and insolent", The Free Malaysia Today reported on the press conference here.

Read report by Utusan Malaysia here "Saya tetap pertahankenyataan, berdiri atas kebenaran"

... and then lo and behold KJ coming into the fray defending Ka Siong and having his own tiff with Perkasa's Ibrahim Ali as well, read here.

I don't think KJ will get much support though from anybody except his appointed exco in UMNO Youth for defending Wee Ka Siong and calling Ibrahim Ali a Jaguh Kampung. I personally find KJ using the word kampung as being "menghina" as he was elected as MP in Rembau which makes himself a jaguh from the kampung as well kan. Kalau dia nak jadi jaguh bandar try a seat at Bukit Bintang Kuala Lumpurlah KJ berani ka. Anyway this is a good response to KJ..Menjawab tuduhan Khairy terhadap Perkasa.

Coming back to YB Wee Ka Siong, I think he should do well to remember that he was elected from a Malay majority seat based on the BN formula of sharing power. As such his platform should be representing ALL the communities he represent in Air Hitam and he should really work to get rid of this increasing perception that he is too Chinese community centric, its acceptable to show that you care a bit more for the Chinese community but do not go to extremelah it might cause him his parliamentary seat next GE13. Additionally YB Wee, calling other Malaysian "primitive" does not help OK. I think YB Wee Ka Siong could learn a thing or two from YB Wee Choo Keong.

Another thing is the days where politicians in Malaysia be they Malay or Non Malays can belittle and criticise the Malays and their Special rights as embodied in the Perlembagaan in public directly or indirectly, at will, is over with the formation of Perkasa.

So beware politicians especially from the BN, you have been given ample notice by Ibrahim Ali and PERKASA.

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