Saturday, 28 January 2012

With loose cannon Anwar helming Pakatan, way is clear for BN to win big in the GE

Anwar Ibrahim our Opposition parties(Pakatan Rakyat) proclaimed PM in waiting is cranking up in overdrive with the upcoming General Election looming very near the horizon, some say its March some say its going to be June, I predict it would be  in 2012 probably in March but lets just see shall we. Anyway this post is about Anwar's latest statement from his interview with the not so BN Gomen friendly magazine, the Wall Street Journal Asia:

"I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel,"
Anwar Ibrahim 

The full article from the WSJ Asia can be read here:

The persecution of the Palestinians People in the occupied territories by the Zionist Israel  is the worse example of human rights deprivation and abuse in the world at this time and we have here a politician who is  obsessed to become the PM of this blessed nation. a so called champion reformer and  of human rights of Malaysians telling the whole world that he supports  ALL efforts to protect the Zionist State of Israel? 

This is what former US President Jimmy Carter said about Israel:

I strongly believe Anwar is unsuitable for the very high office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia due to his past unsavoury record of being an ex convict jailed for abuse of power and twice being charged for sodomy with two different men in a space of less than 10 years, to add to his infamous roll of dishonours, this person now openly support the Zionist State of Israel which openly persecutes and kill Palestinians and deprive them of a nation state of their own.

Anwar has outlived his usefulness in Pakatan Rakyat, its time for him to go quietly, his unilateral statements are making him a liability to Pakatan's cause he ought to be replaced by more credible and morally upright leaders from amongst the PAS,DAP and PKR parties if they want to have any chance of cutting down the BN majority, please do not even think of Putrajaya because if you can only come up with leaders of Anwar's mediocre ability and very heavy personal baggage clearly the Pakatan is not ready to control the Federal Gomen.

Tuesday, 24 January 2012

DAP leaders shouldn't make misleading statements in the year of the Dragon

Seems Pulau Pinang's imported leader have a habit of embellishing things to make him look good as the Ketua Menteri. Some times I wonder why the BN is slow at rebutting this politician who always like to trumpet other people's good deeds as his own. Here  is a report from The Star which is self explanatory:

Guan Eng should stop claiming he helped settle RM630mil loan, says Donald Lim

PETALING JAYA: The DAP-run Penang Government was only able to record a positive budget because it shifted its RM630mil debt to the Federal Government, said the Finance Ministry.

Deputy Minister Datuk Donald Lim, who disclosed this, said it was wrong for Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng to mislead the public into thinking that the state had settled the loan on its own.

The deputy minister explained that the state debt was actually transferred to the Federal Government following a water restructuring agreement that was initiated even before Pakatan Rakyat came to power in Penang.

Under the rationalisation scheme, the state must pay interest-free rental of RM14.6mil annually for a period of 45 years, he said.

Lim said this in response to Guan Eng's claim that the Penang government had successfully reduced its debt by 95% from RM630mil in March 2008 to RM30mil in Oct last year through prudent and transparent financial management.

Guan Eng had said in an article uploaded on his blog that it was the highest debt reduction recorded in a state in Malaysian history.

Lim said Guan Eng should stop claiming credit that he has helped deplete the hefty loan.

“Guan Eng has not generated such a high revenue to pay off the huge debt within such a short period of time,” he added.

Lim said Guan Eng should be ashamed for telling half-truths for cheap political mileage.

“It goes to show that Guan Eng's Competency, Accountability and Transparency policy is a mere gimmick,” he added.

According to the Finance Ministry, Penang's outstanding loan of RM655.25mil owed to the Federal Government was rationalised by alienating state land-related water assets to Perbadanan Bekalan Air Pulau Pinang (PABB).

PABB, a state-owned company, entered into a water restructuring agreement with the Federal Government via Pengurusan Aset Air Bhd (PAAB) on June 2 last year.

Under the agreement, PAAB will become water asset owners after buying the water infrastructure from the states.

In exchange for these assets, PAAB will assume Penang's outstanding Federal water supply loans of an equivalent sum.

For how long would half the people of Pulau Pinang  swallow the misleading statements and tolerate the grand standing antics of a really ordinary DAP Government led by an import from Melaka who is even rejected by the State DAP there  is  anybody's guess.

 I hope that people in Pulau Pinang would wise up to the fact that the DAP will bring them to no where, not as much as a BN led Government which have done much to help Pulau Pinang to prosper.

Saturday, 21 January 2012

Gong Xi Fa Cai


Wish that the Chinese New Year of the dragon brings peace, happiness and good fortune to your loved ones.

My wife and I hope to have a good year too, in fact our only son is born in the Year of the Dragon.

Lets Sing together now:

The AG appeals against Anwar's acquittal...Thank God

Its a good day for justice yesterday:

Read more in the NST here.

I can hear the Pakatan war drums backed up by their alternate mouthpiece in the Bar Council are up and running again and the hypocrites of the International NGOs and media will be calling the PM all sort of nonsense. Silly really, this country is Ruled by Law and just because a rich and influential politician such as Anwar is accused of sodomy, only he can Appeal? and the poor victim Saiful got no right to appeal? Bollocks.

Thank you Tan Sri Peguam Negara for deciding without fear or favor to appeal the High Court acquittal. I wish also that the Learned Judge's written Judgement for the acquittal can be put for public viewing, it would make for interesting reading.

Friday, 20 January 2012

The SOPA and PIPA will change how we use the internet if passed by Uncle Sam

Updated news, but probably just a respite, a breather before another push by the powers that be :

Original Post:

Have a read folks on what is happening in America about the ongoing debate on the SOPA - Stop Online Piracy Act and PIPA - Protect IP Act. What happens in America in regards to the passing of these Acts will have a huge repercussion on how we use the internet today and the future. Al-jazeera online have a load of articles on the ongoing drama:

Online goliaths band together to protest SOPA's threat to business, innovation and civil liberties.

Internet and technology experts discuss why current anti-piracy legislation in the US must be stopped. 

Wikipedia and Reddit go black to protest proposed US legislation which will 'disappear' controversial websites.

Thanks to my son Arif who alerted me to the news about PIPA and SOPA.

Thursday, 19 January 2012

Pakatan leaders who live in glass houses should not throw stones at others

I do not normally agree with what Dr. Kua Kia Soong say, but this time I am in agreement with him, a one candidate one seat policy is standard for a democracy in fact its a must for democracy to thrive, the Pakatan parties of the DAP, PKR and PAS talks about reform, Change..Ubah but they are themselves slow and resistant to change; From the MI:

January 19, 2012

JAN 19 — Karpal Singh, Chairman of the DAP must be commended for his recent call to Pakatan Rakyat to practice a “one candidate, one seat” policy. At last, one leader in Pakatan Rakyat has finally spoken up against this undemocratic practice of the party elite monopolising federal and state seats … a lion amongst the lambs?

When I criticised this practice a few years ago (Mkini, 18.4.2008), the “seat grabbers” tried to justify the practice by saying they COULD handle both federal and state constituencies: “All you need to do is employ more secretaries to look after the seats for you what,” was their pathetic reply. They failed to see the contradiction and fallacy in this undemocratic practice while criticising the Barisan Nasional for not carrying out democratic reform.

Democratic reforms begin at home.

A Pakatan Rakyat that champions democratic reforms should practice this basic democratic principle within their parties before talking about reforming the country. “Seat grabbing” of both federal and state constituencies in the general elections suggests that the politicians involved are brilliant multi-taskers and that there are too few appropriate candidates within their parties to do otherwise.

Democracy is about people’s participation and that means creating opportunities for MORE, not fewer people to engage in the democratic process of government. Are these politicians actively seeking and nurturing such potential candidates within their party?

Whatever their claimed intention, “seat grabbing” looks like an attempt by the power holders in the party to have as many positions and privileges as they can grab, a case of careerism and opportunism gone mad! It’s damn petty bourgeois if you ask me…

The Barisan Nasional, you may have noticed, does not practice such “seat grabbing” not because they are democrats but because they have too many parties between which, to divide the spoils. Furthermore, compared to the largely petty bourgeoisie in Pakatan Rakyat, they are the bourgeoisie who have the “discreet charm” to forego such cheap thrills of monopolising federal and state seats and go for the bigger economic stakes.

A retrogressive step

It has been mentioned that, now Pakatan Rakyat has so many candidates, they should think about implementing the “one candidate, one seat” policy. In fact, when I was in the Selangor DAP state committee in 1990-95, we already implemented this policy in the early 1990s, much to the chagrin of the power elite at the centre of the DAP. At the time, they had insisted that a part-time member of parliament who kept two medical practices was indispensable in the state as well. Even then, the rank-and-file in the DAP were opposed to power holders in the party monopolising both federal and state seats.

But now, this “one candidate, one seat” policy of the Selangor DAP state committee seems to have been rolled back in recent years obviously through the persuasive arguments by the power elite in the party that these politicians are indispensable at both federal and state levels. This example shows how political reforms can be rolled back with time…

There are other reforms that have not been implemented within PR including limiting the terms of office of the party leader, a democratic reform that has been achieved by even the retrogressive MCA. Has the never-ending feudal “dear leader” syndrome any place in a democracy? 

Even at the expense of feminism?

Turning to PKR, the same practice has been carried out at the expense of very basic feminist principles. I am of course referring to the abdication of the Permatang Pauh seat by the president of the party, Wan Azizah for her husband, Anwar Ibrahim’s return to the federal parliament.

I was not opposed to the idea of forcing a by-election for Anwar to return to parliament but it should have been the MB of Selangor or some other ineffectual MP who should have given way for Anwar and not Wan Azizah. Hasn’t the mentri besar or the chief minister of state enough duties on their plate to also want to claim a federal seat?

In this case, we are talking about not just an ordinary woman leader but the president of the party and a possible Prime Minister of the country in the event of Anwar being imprisoned for sodomy 2.0.

But how was it that the feminists and the principled politicians in PR did not utter any dissension? It has become a standard feminist demand that there should be a gender quota of women representation in political parties, government office and other institutions. In this case, we have a woman president of the party who had already won her seat in parliament having to make way for a man!

It’s democracy, stupid!

Why do you think this grabby practice of wanting seats in both federal and state parliaments is not practiced in other democratic countries? Do you think it is because they cannot afford to employ political secretaries to look after their constituencies?

It’s democracy, stupid! To do so would risk being laughed at by the media and the public for being such petty bourgeois careerists! Democracy is a process that emphasises broad and greater participation of the people and the nurturing of new leaders in the political system. It is about the inclusion of women and young leaders in the exercise of power and decision-making throughout society.

This principle of inclusivity is crucial. It is not about placing a few token or high-profile women who are more interested in air-brushing their public image either! The role of women leaders is to push for deeper and more extensive models of democracy and participation for other women.

Thus, selection procedures within parties must be inclusive, transparent and democratic. Various structures such as the women and youth wings should be empowered to enable them to effectively participate in this selection process. As my example of the Selangor DAP state committee is instructive, intra-party democracy and inclusivity needs to be sustained. This requires the party to have in place structures and system that will ensure that all groups are catered for at all times and reforms cannot be simply undone.

If Pakatan Rakyat fails to carry out such intra-party reform, democracy will continue to be cynically interpreted — as my former comrades in the DAP used to joke about it — “Dia mahu kerusi”.

* The writer is a director of Suaram and former Petaling Jaya Utara MP

Dr. Kua did take a swipe at the BN for obvious reasons, but one thing for sure, in stark contrast to the Pakatan seat grabbers such as Guan Eng, Ramasamy, Nga, Ngeh, Nizar, Theresa Kok, Khalid Ibrahim and many more, the BN have by and large practised democracy for a long, long has always been one seat one candidate for BN. 

Indeed, BN are moderates in the true sense of the word. This is what the country actually need.

Perhaps Hadi, Kit Siang and Anwar would want to have a look at their houses first before they call for reform, change or clean up Malaysia, people who live in glass house should not throw stones at others.

Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Does the Pakatan agree or disagree with what Anwar said to the BBC in Mumbai recently?

Is it just me thinking that for a person who tells the whole world that he is a pious Muslim politician being persecuted for his political beliefs in Malaysia, upon being acquitted of the sodomy charge brought against him, and after such a gigantic duel with the Prosecutor in a BN "kangaroo court"( he say lah), why would he go to Mumbai to do whatever instead of going to say perform the Umrah in Mekah/Medinah to say syukur to ALLAH. Its just me I guess but have a Read here.

Anyway, now the whole world knows that Anwar Ibrahim gave an interview to the BBC while he was in Mumbai:

Among the Q & A between Anwar and the BBC, this is what was said by Anwar Ibrahim, tak boleh spin ini sebab caught on camera, BBC punya camera pulak tu:

We will have to review some of these archaic laws. We Muslims, non Muslims in Malaysia generally believe and are committed to support the sanctity of marriage between man and women but we should not be seen to be punitive and consider the archaic laws as relevant. We need to review them. We do not promote either homosexuality in a public sphere or domain. I don’t think we need to make apologies towards that but I think to use this sort of legislation to be punitive, punish innocent people cannot be condoned or tolerated.

..Did he meant sodomy? Is it not prohibited in Islam even in Christianity?

 ..Does he support unnatural sex among people?

..So is it okay if its done in private, suka sama suka?

..So  is it not wrong to commit sodomy, unnatural sex etc even though it is prohibited by the Major religions of the world?

There is no need to publicise what the BN folks or the folks who supports BN commented on Anwar's staement for obvious reasons, but I have yet to hear a squeak from the DAP and  PKR leaders who campaigned in the Sibu and Sarawak elections using the Church against the BN and of course the party supposedly helmed by qualified Muslim Ulamaks and Scholars..Parti SeIslam Malaysia.

Tok Guru Hadi and Tok Guru Nik Aziz together with Lim Kit Siang and Lim Guan Eng's silence on what Anwar said in Mumbai is deafening. Do they agree? How could they agree? If they disagree then please stand up and state your stand. The GE13 is coming up the voters wants to hear what you have to say. You guys say you want to Ubah, Bersihkan Malaysia, please walk the talk. Please note that Malaysia will not change nor go forward based on rhetorics alone.

Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Corruption small or big is CORRUPTION and is subject to our Laws

Is this the same person who calls for, no not call for but preaches for a "Bersih" Clean and Fair Election:
Read more here

Seems it is the same Bersih "boss" and learned Former President of the Bar Council, and I thought justice is supposed to be blind and it matters not who you are, big fish or small fish. Corruption is corruption whether you take RM10 or give RM1,000,000 to get unlawful advantage, it is a crime. There are no two ways about it.  

I tell you one thing, some people really get funny ideas under the glare of the spotlight don't they. I wonder what they will think of next if they are in power, repeal our unnatural sex Laws next? This blessed country will go to the dogs if these people are in power.

Perhaps the SPRM should give the "Bersih" boss lady a refresher course before she come out with more "brilliant" ideas in public. 

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Marines caught urinating on Taliban corpses? Time for foreign forces to leave!

This story about US Marines urinating on the remains of alleged Taliban fighters in Afghanistan is very disturbing:

Photo and Report from the MI here

The elite American fighting soldiers of the Marine Corp who urinated on the corpse of their fallen enemies have lost their humanity. How many more of them does the American and Nato forces have in Afghanistan? I am convinced that the Americans and their NATO allies has lost the war that they created in Afghanistan. Its time that they leave, Ben Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is no more. 

The Americans and NATO forces should just go home and let the Afghans rebuilt their nation themselves. Instead of bringing in guns and troops into Afghanistan, the West just help the Afghans to  built modern Schools and Universities and help them to feed themselves. 
Feed the hungry, for a Hungry man is an Angry man.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Justice will be further served if there is an Appeal to the Higher Court

“… it is not merely of some importance but is of fundamental importance, that justice should not only be done, but should manifestly and undoubtedly be seen to be done.”
Lord Hewart

Since Anwar's acquittal on Monday 9 January 2012 there has been intense public debate on whether the Attorney General should appeal to the higher Court of Appeal to overturn the decision. I guess the AG would wait for the written judgement by the Trial Judge before he would make any decision which should be made within 14 days from the date of the acquittal i.e by 23 January 2012.

Unsurprisingly, the Bar Council which seemed to be more interested in the fate of the accused than the complainant has issued a statement to tell the AG not to appeal, here. Rather in haste I should say considering that the written judgement has not even come out yet.

Unsurprisingly, the Pakatan folks are in complete agreement with the Bar Council here. Yup they are best of buddies nowadays aren't they the Bar Council and Pakatan, they are almost like twins. Did I hear somebody say the Bar Council by its nature should be neutral? Yup, like justice for the complainant too?, and  not just for the accused. 

Ya, sure, Saiful is a nobody, just a son of a retired civil servant but in Malaysia's democracy every Malaysian is supposed to have equal access to the Law, not just the accused who is a rich politician defended by a battery of senior lawyers.

Well anyway so much for the Bar Council, in the mean time, Saiful's father has called to the AG to appeal the High Court decision, here.

It seemed that the Sodomy Trial Prosecution team is very keen to appeal, according to the report here

Picture thanks to MI
Still, it is the AG, Tan Sri Gani Patail and he alone could decide whether to appeal to the Higher Court or not, I am confident he will do the right thing without fear or favour, but in the interest of Justice I hope the AG will, the independence of the Judicial System will be further enhanced with an appeal.

The bomber(s) must be caught they are a clear and present danger to our society

The PDRM did a good job controlling the 5000 odd crowd at the Jalan Duta Courts on Monday when Anwar was acquitted on technicalities(Can't say more as the Judge's written judgement is not out yet). What worries me more now are that the  time detonated bombs that blew up injuring innocent bystanders, thank God that nobody was seriously hurt. 

This development where time detonated bombs are brought to Malaysia's shores by irresponsible individual or group of people is indeed a very very disturbing development. Bombs detonated by timers are new in Malaysia, it is a horrifying thought that there are people who are willing to plan,
make and place time bombs in Malaysia designed to hurt, maim and kill.

The PDRM had just announced today that the bombs were made by experts:

Bomb expert behind Monday's court complex blasts, says police

A Bomb expert could be anybody from a terrorist having experience in Iraq, Afganistan, Indonesia to ex Special Forces from the Military or the Police, they are not your ordinary anarchist, hell they know what they are doing. 

My fervent hope is that the PDRM will get those bastards who planned and planted the bombs, if they are not caught God knows what kind of mayhem they could cause in the future. If they get caught I hope they stay behind bars for the rest of their natural lives.

Good luck PDRM!

Monday, 9 January 2012

I am truly shocked by the acquittal, am I alone?

I don't know about you friends but I am still in shock by Anwar Ibrahim's acquittal this morning. I have not yet read the full written judgement which I was advised from my twitter friends will only be out next week, so I do not want to say so much for now. 

Anyway, I believe I am not alone and I believe the whole Pakatan Leadership is in deep shock as well. They have been gearing for life without Anwar and now he has been given a survival rope by the very justice system that he condemned as unfair and  being under the thumb of the ruling BN Government. Now their Big strategy to capitalise on Anwar's jailing has been blown to smithereens. 

Back to the drawing board people, Anwar with his other personal problems(Chinadoll videos etc) will in the long run be a liability to the Pakatan which clearly need a new Leader with a Clean image if they have any hope of reducing the BN majority in the next PRU (Don't talk about Putrajaya lah, PAS Leaders are not even in agreement who will become PM if PR win the Gomen). 

The BN which has all along said that the trial is a private affair is well and truly vindicated. I think in fact, Pakatan Leaders should issue a public apology to BN for fitnah, the Courts are truly independent, remember Khir Toyo was found guilty and Lim Guan Eng also succeeded in his suit against Utusan who had to pay him RM200,000 compensation. 

In the coming months the the PR leadership issue and Anwar's personal problem will rear its ugly head, it will be a fire that will devour their cohesive unity and BN just need to wait as the fire spreads  PM Najib need not call the Elections now, let Pakatan burn itself first.

I would venture to say that with this acquittal, BN under PM Najib could even start dreaming of the  2/3rd majority again as the Pakatan major weapon to use Anwar's jailing as a rallying call has been effectively nullified. Finally the battle in the next PRU will be about policies and deliverables, which side can convince Malaysians that they can deliver a peaceful, stable and prosperous Malaysia will win Big. My bet will be on Barisan Nasional, they will ensure the peace, stability and prosperity that Malaysians had enjoyed all this while. Anyone would be mad to place their future on a Pakatan which promises plenty but delivers little and led by a exconvict jailed for abuse of power and twice acquitted of sodomy charges on technicalities not to mention other personal problems, no sir.

For interest, here is a picture of Wan Azizah and Anwar just after the acquittal (kebas dari Helen Ang's blog):

A picture tells a thousand words does it not?
Additional Read:

901Judgement Day- Anwar guilty or not, Saiful the victim will finally find closure

In less than 12 hours Anwar Ibrahim will know his fate whether he is found guilty or not for the crime of sodomy. Whether or not Anwar is found guilty or otherwise, the victim Saiful Bukhari will finally find closure. 

Anwar had been in this situation before way back almost 14 years ago, that time Anwar  had been convicted for abuse of power(6years) and sodomy(9 years) in 1998, he served his sentence for abuse of power but sadly the conviction for sodomy against his then driver Azizan was overturned by the Federal Court in a land mark 2-1 decision in 2004.

Anwar definitely had a fair trial in his second sodomy trial, the trial which took more than two years is probably the longest in Malaysian criminal history and boy did his defence team come up with almost all the legal tricks in the book with a record 60 postponements and the Trial Judge were even asked to be recused twice. Anwar had all the opportunities in Law to rebut the sodomy charge against him. Did he took that opportunity? Time will tell.

Some Anwar fanboys say that the judgement is a reflection of how fair the judiciary system is, I guess if Anwar is found not guilty his supporters will say the judiciary is fair, if he is found guilty than his supporters will say the Judiciary is under the thumbs of the Gomen... I say bollocks..these are immature thinking. The Judge will make a judgement based on the evidence adduced before him and nothing else, nothing extraordinary about it, its how any Judge around the world performs his job.

Whatever it is we Malaysians must show maturity, we should accept whatever the decisions of the High Court will be, no need to demo macam orang tak ada tuju hala. It is for Anwar's Defence or the Attorney General to appeal to the higher Courts of Appeal and the Federal Court if they are not satisfied with the High Court's decision what ever that will be. 

One thing for sure is that  in the years between 1998 - 2004 when Anwar was in jail, it must be said that it is one of the most politically stable and peaceful years for Malaysia that I have experienced. 

Justice for Saiful!

Read also:
He resorted to all legal avenues

Another Twist in Anwar's life

Friday, 6 January 2012

Lets count our blessings first before we complain too much in public

Lets have a look at some religious persecution and display of extremism by various groups or Governments throughout the world:

Chinese mosque demolition heightens ethnic tensions
Nigeria: Christmas Day Bombings

Hindu Militants Attack India Evangelicals; Several Injured

China Crackdown On Christmas Celebrations Of House Churches

Oslo Shooter Anti-Muslim Christian Extremist

What is clear is that our blessed multiracial and multi-religious country Malaysia is an oasis of peace by comparison to the places and countries mentioned and not mentioned above. Even though everybody have their own complaints about anything under the sun I think it is only fair to say that the Government led by a very responsible BN is doing a balancing act trying to satisfy everybody and it is also fair to say that nobody can ever be satisfied, not when there are so many interested group to satisfy and the various sensitivities involved.

It seems PM Najib is doing much work meeting and visiting Malaysians from all walks of life as part of his job and of course in preparation for the coming General Elections seen by many to be called sooner than later and has been kind enough to meet with many minority groups to listen to their grouses. 

One such groups are the Christian Federation of Malaysia which PM Najib invited for lunch a couple of days ago. Because it was a closed door meet/lunch the public would not know what was discussed. The headline by MI after the meet however does not bode well for a multi religious multi racial country like ours though:

Reverend Moon, Head of Christian Federation Malaysia were quoted to have said "Christians were now resorting to raising their issues publicly because it was the most effective way for the government to take action". Read more here

I am not interested to debate on the merits of the issues which the learned Clergy wanted to raise especially on the interpretation of the Perlembagaan, I say if you want to quote the Perlembagan then you must read it thoroughly and understand the history behind its fomulation before saying other Malaysians are interpreting it wrongly or whatever. 

But I think if you want to say it then do it the quiet way through proper channels not publicly. Fine, if you insist on going public with your grouses to maximise publicity, but soon you will have others not happy about what you have to say join in the fray and go public as well and things may get ugly. Its not cricket to tell the PM to do this and that in public, he has many more things to do and many more majority and minority groups to take care as well. Like I said Religion is a very sensitive matter just look at the DUMC issue which when politicized threaten to engulf us in an orgy of hate but was resolved amicably by the wise actions of DYMM Sultan of Selangor himself, not through public discourse, I must add. 

We live in a peaceful and stable country, ALL religions are allowed to flourish though proselytizing is strictly not allowed. Lets count our blessings first before we complain too much in public shall we, it draws the wrong kind of attention more often then not.

Posted in Chittagong, Bangladesh

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A picture tells a thousand words

Remember the saying, a picture tells a thousand words, well here is a picture that does tell a thousand words courtesy of the MI:

For all those people who are rooting for Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat, feast your eyes on a photo shoot which could be one of the last of Hj. Hadi, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang together as leading politicians of PAS, PKR and the DAP. On Monday 9th January 2012 Anwar Ibrahim could be found guilty of sodomy by the Trial Judge and sentenced to a jail term. That will deal a fatal blow for Anwar's political ambition to become PM also signalling final curtains for PKR, the Anwar family franchise formed to make Anwar Ibrahim PM of Malaysia despite being unfit to lead this blessed nation having being convicted in 1998 for abuse of power and now waiting for the Court's judgement whether or not he is found guilty of sodomy with a former male assistant.

By the way did you notice the three veteran politicians and how they held the placard for "Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat"? Imagine the placard as "Pakatan Rakyat" and see how Hj Hadi barely holding the placard with his outstretched fingers, Anwar holding the placard with two hands quite firmly and Lim kit Siang nonchalantly supporting the placard with his left thumb with an indifferent looking face. Yes folks they can say they are  a Pakatan but the body language says that they are NOT "sepakatan" that is for sure. Imagine if Anwar is convicted of sodomy, the two hands holding the "placard" firmly will be missing and will a Islamic oriented PAS be able to work with a Chauvinist and reputedly secular DAP which campaigned in the Sibu by election using the Church? The answer is obvious isn't it.

So why do I need to change for a Pakatan which is not actually a Pakatan but a marriage of convenience sleeping on the same bed but having different dreams. Sure BN/UMNO have their faults, but hey, Malaysians prospered under their rule since Merdeka what. Anyway BN/UMNO are making efforts to transform for the better, the efforts are slow and a bit mixed yes but why you need to go too fast, I am perfectly happy with the pace of things. 

I am still waiting for some tainted Ministers and politicians to resign and not be offered as candidates in next GE though, and I am still pissed with the Khazanah's sponsored MAS-Air Asia secret swap and the NFC going-on and I think PM Najib will have to take off his velvet gloves and show some solid iron resolve otherwise Malaysians may think he is not doing anything to address complaints by Malaysians. That is not good for PM Najib.

I will vote for BN despite its shortcomings they give me peace of mind, but PM Najib would want to have a closer look at the fence sitters who voted DAP, PKR and PAS in the last elections, they will determine whether he regained the 2/3rd majority lost by Pak Lah which caused him to retire earlier than he wanted to as PM. A precedent of some sort has been set after Pak Lah, if no 2/3rd then goodbye to you Sir. 

PM Najib sure has his work cut out for him with or without Anwar as leader of the Opposition.

Posted in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

Sunday, 1 January 2012

Of Anwar Ibrahim, three former Selangor MBs and RPK's coup de grace

I like this piece by Zaini Hassan of Utusan Malaysia:

Antara Anwar, Khir, Harun dan Mat Taib

Utusan Malaysia; December 28, 2011

Saya mempunyai hubungan masam-manis dengan Dr Mohd. Khir Toyo, bekas Menteri Besar Selangor dua penggal. Beliau kini didapati bersalah atas satu kes membabitkan sekeping tanah yang mahu dijadikan tempat tinggalnya selepas persaraan.

Tanah rumah itu menjadi kontroversi yang mengheretnya ke mahkamah dan dijatuhkan hukuman penjara sembilan bulan. Tanah yang dibeli dengan hutang bank itu turut dirampas.

Dr Khir ternyata tenang. Beliau tidak gelabah. Beliau tidak membawa parti bersamanya menentang keputusan undang-undang. Beliau juga tidak membawa orang-orang Umno bersama-sama menemaninya. Beliau tidak menghasut para pelajar untuk menyokongnya.

Dr Khir, yang menjadi MB selama dua penggal, berseorangan. Dulu semasa beliau menjadi MB, saya pernah menghentam beliau dengan kes Bukit Cerakah, penerokaan tanah-tanah di Seksyen U10 Shah Alam sehingga mengakibatkan taman botanik di sebelahnya terjejas teruk. Kini tanah-tanah residensial di situ menjadi cukup bernilai tinggi.

Semasa isu itu sedang panas, beliau dan konco-konconya memarahi saya. Pelbagai tuduhan dilemparkan oleh orangnya ke atas saya. Tapi kemudian kami berbaik semula. Sebagai wartawan, saya tidak ambil hati. Begitu juga beliau.

Pendek kata perwatakan Dr Khir cukup tenang. Mungkin kerana asas kuat agama dan sifat orang kampung yang ada di dalam jiwa dan dirinya, doktor gigi itu tidak meloncat ke sana ke mari.

Untuk rekod, jawatan MB Selangor ini cukup keramat. Sudah tiga orang MBnya menghadapi tuduhan di mahkamah — termasuk Harun Idris dan Muhammad Muhd. Taib (Mat Taib). Harun dan Mat Taib kemudiannya membawa diri. Harun sudah meninggal dunia dan Mat Taib jarang-jarang kelihatan dalam dunia politik.

Namun, bukan semua orang bersifat seperti mereka. Mereka tidak memporakperandakan negara angkara bala yang menimpa mereka itu. Mereka reda. Anwar Bin Ibrahim sebaliknya, yang terlalu menonjolkan imej baik, warak, intelek, pandai, bijak, tidak pula begitu.

Dia juga menghadapi perbicaraan mahkamah. Bukan sekali, tapi dua kali. Sisa-sisa hidupnya kini bergelumang dengan perbicaraan mahkamah. Jika sekali bolehlah dikatakan fitnah, tapi sudah masuk dua kali apakah juga fitnah? Apa hebatnya sangat Anwar sehingga acap kali orang mahu memfitnahnya? Mungkin di mata Amerika Syarikat dia hebat.

Keputusan perbicaraan kes liwat membabitkan seorang pemuda Saiful Bukhari Azlan akan diketahui pada 9 Januari 2012 ini. Kempen untuk menyelamatkan Anwar kini rancak dijalankan.Jika dulu Anwar membawa slogan Reformasi, kini dia membawa slogan Revolusi pula. Pelajar-pelajar universiti akan digembling sekali lagi untuk membuat angkara pada tarikh yang dikenali sebagai 901 itu.

Saya masih ingat di zaman refomasi dulu. Satu KL kecoh dengan demonstrasi jalanan. Harta-harta awam dimusnahkan. KL lumpuh. Kebetulan Naib Presiden Amerika, Al Gore yang berada di KL turut menuang minyak dengan menyokong kumpulan itu. Pelajar-pelajar universiti, rata-ratanya dari UIA, UM, UKM berhimpun dan membuat kecoh.

Setelah keadaan reda menjelang tengah malam, saya dengan beberapa rakan bercadang keluar minum sambil meninjau keadaan di Kampung Baru. Kami keluar dengan Pajero pejabat. Apabila tiba di lampu isyarat antara Masjid Kampung Baru dan Pusat Perubatan Kampung Baru, sekumpulan pemuda yang rata-rata pelajar universiti tiba-tiba memekik Utusan, Utusan, Utusan. Kami tidak perasaan ada logo Utusan di pintu Pajero itu.

Beratus-ratus mereka mula rapat ke arah kenderaan kami. Ekoran gema laungan Hancur Utusan, Hidup Reformasi semangat menjadi ganas. Pajero kami dibaling dengan batu. Kami bernasib baik kerana kenderaan itu tidak dilontar dengan bom api, molotov cocktail oleh pelajar yang hilang waras. Pemandu kami cepat menyelamatkan kami memecut masuk ke dalam Balai Polis Dang Wangi.

Itu kejadian lebih 10 tahun lalu. Kini pelajar-pelajar tersebut — termasuk yang membaling batu menembusi tingkap Pajero itu — sudah menjawat pelbagai jawatan tinggi dalam kerajaan, mahupun swasta. Perasaan mereka kini tidak lagi memberontak seperti dulu. Mereka kini sudah boleh menilai baik dan buruk, hitam dan putih serta siapa sebenarnya Anwar Bin Ibrahim.

Kini pelajar-pelajar yang mentah, pasca-10 tahun reformasi, digunakan sekali lagi. Mereka menggunakan NGO pelajar universiti.

Anwar sendiri mengadakan perjumpaan dan dialog dengan anak-anak muda mahasiswa itu di kediamannya di Bukit Segambut pada 23 Disember lalu. Hadir lebih kurang 100 orang.

Antara intipati perjumpaan, Anwar mahukan mahasiswa tegas dan lantang memperjuangkan hak rakyat. Persoalannya hak siapa? Hak rakyat atau hak Anwar sendiri? Timing beliau serta kempen-kempen 901 itu cukup membuktikan dia cuba menarik para pelajar itu untuk membuat kacau bagi menyelamatkan dirinya pada 9 Januari ini.

Satu lagi persoalannya apakah beliau sudah mengetahui kes liwat itu tidak akan menyebelahinya?
Majlis perjumpaan itu diadakan selepas Anwar selesai berjumpa dengan sekumpulan kononnya puak reformis dan ahli-ahli akademik. Siapa ahli-ahli akademik itu saya tidak boleh sebutlah.

Sebelum majlis bermula Anwar telah membaca puisi bertajuk Takut 66, Takut 98 hasil karya Taufik Ismail. Taufik ialah seorang penyair Indonesia terkenal. Dia salah seorang daripada puluhan budayawan dan seniman Indonesia yang mencetuskan Manifest Kebudayaan pada tahun 1966. Golongan ini menerbitkan antologi puisi diberi nama Angkatan 66. Angkatan inilah yang mencetuskan revolusi menentang rejim Sukarno. Sukarno pada masa itu dikuasai oleh PKI - Parti Komunis Indonesia.

Semangat 1966 di Indonesia dan reformasi 1998 di KL itulah yang mahu dibangkitkan semula oleh Anwar. Anwar mahu samakan Najib dengan Sukarnokah?

Mood mahasiswa yang mendengar bacaan puisinya di perjumpaan itu cukup membara dan bersemangat. Anwar memang terkenal sebagai seorang yang pandai membakar semangat kemarahan orang.

Difahamkan esok, jam 11 pagi bertempat di Kelab Sultan Sulaiman, Kampung Baru satu kempen Bebaskan Anwar 901 bertemakan Tolak Fitnah 2, Lawan Konspirasi akan dilancarkan.

Tetapi difahamkan juga, ia dibatalkan di saat-saat akhir kerana ramai pemimpin bercuti dan tiada sambutan dari PAS dan DAP.

Benarlah Anwar dan konco-konconya sedang merancang satu lagi reformasi. Kali ini atas nama revolusi, setelah reformasi dulu gagal. Matlamatnya ialah untuk menyelamatkan tengkuk Anwar sendiri.

Itulah Anwar yang kita kenali. Dia umpama anak nakal yang jika ibu bapa marah atas kesalahannya, dia akan memberontak bagi menegakkan kebenarannya yang salah itu.

Secara logik tiada siapa yang akan memfitnah Anwar buat kali kedua.

Kes liwat pertama dulu tidak dinafikan berlaku oleh mahkamah. Kini negara dan dunia sedang menanti kes liwatnya yang kedua pula dengan seorang pemuda bernama Saiful Bukhari Azlan.

Saiful dalam facebooknya menulis: Saya reda apa jua keputusan. Akan terus doa, istiqamah dan sabar.
Anwar sebaliknya gelabah. Anak-anak muda digunakan untuk menjadi perisainya — buat kali kedua. Itulah uniknya Anwar Bin Ibrahim berbanding dengan tokoh-tokoh yang lain.

Selamat Tahun Baru 2012. Semoga Malaysia terus maju, makmur dan sejahtera. — Utusan Malaysia

Certainly 2012 promises to be an interesting year, and talking about the New Year the latest comment by RPK now living in self imposed exile in the UK seems like a coup de grace at Anwar Ibrahim's political ambition to become Prime Minister of Malaysia ever,  forget about those students activists who wants to help Anwar start another "reformasi", these students would be of no use to further Anwar's political ambition, not after what RPK had his say:

RPK: “Anwar may become irrelevant”