Wednesday, 4 January 2012

A picture tells a thousand words

Remember the saying, a picture tells a thousand words, well here is a picture that does tell a thousand words courtesy of the MI:

For all those people who are rooting for Anwar and Pakatan Rakyat, feast your eyes on a photo shoot which could be one of the last of Hj. Hadi, Anwar Ibrahim and Lim Kit Siang together as leading politicians of PAS, PKR and the DAP. On Monday 9th January 2012 Anwar Ibrahim could be found guilty of sodomy by the Trial Judge and sentenced to a jail term. That will deal a fatal blow for Anwar's political ambition to become PM also signalling final curtains for PKR, the Anwar family franchise formed to make Anwar Ibrahim PM of Malaysia despite being unfit to lead this blessed nation having being convicted in 1998 for abuse of power and now waiting for the Court's judgement whether or not he is found guilty of sodomy with a former male assistant.

By the way did you notice the three veteran politicians and how they held the placard for "Konvensyen Pakatan Rakyat"? Imagine the placard as "Pakatan Rakyat" and see how Hj Hadi barely holding the placard with his outstretched fingers, Anwar holding the placard with two hands quite firmly and Lim kit Siang nonchalantly supporting the placard with his left thumb with an indifferent looking face. Yes folks they can say they are  a Pakatan but the body language says that they are NOT "sepakatan" that is for sure. Imagine if Anwar is convicted of sodomy, the two hands holding the "placard" firmly will be missing and will a Islamic oriented PAS be able to work with a Chauvinist and reputedly secular DAP which campaigned in the Sibu by election using the Church? The answer is obvious isn't it.

So why do I need to change for a Pakatan which is not actually a Pakatan but a marriage of convenience sleeping on the same bed but having different dreams. Sure BN/UMNO have their faults, but hey, Malaysians prospered under their rule since Merdeka what. Anyway BN/UMNO are making efforts to transform for the better, the efforts are slow and a bit mixed yes but why you need to go too fast, I am perfectly happy with the pace of things. 

I am still waiting for some tainted Ministers and politicians to resign and not be offered as candidates in next GE though, and I am still pissed with the Khazanah's sponsored MAS-Air Asia secret swap and the NFC going-on and I think PM Najib will have to take off his velvet gloves and show some solid iron resolve otherwise Malaysians may think he is not doing anything to address complaints by Malaysians. That is not good for PM Najib.

I will vote for BN despite its shortcomings they give me peace of mind, but PM Najib would want to have a closer look at the fence sitters who voted DAP, PKR and PAS in the last elections, they will determine whether he regained the 2/3rd majority lost by Pak Lah which caused him to retire earlier than he wanted to as PM. A precedent of some sort has been set after Pak Lah, if no 2/3rd then goodbye to you Sir. 

PM Najib sure has his work cut out for him with or without Anwar as leader of the Opposition.

Posted in Chittagong, Bangladesh.

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