Thursday, 12 January 2012

The bomber(s) must be caught they are a clear and present danger to our society

The PDRM did a good job controlling the 5000 odd crowd at the Jalan Duta Courts on Monday when Anwar was acquitted on technicalities(Can't say more as the Judge's written judgement is not out yet). What worries me more now are that the  time detonated bombs that blew up injuring innocent bystanders, thank God that nobody was seriously hurt. 

This development where time detonated bombs are brought to Malaysia's shores by irresponsible individual or group of people is indeed a very very disturbing development. Bombs detonated by timers are new in Malaysia, it is a horrifying thought that there are people who are willing to plan,
make and place time bombs in Malaysia designed to hurt, maim and kill.

The PDRM had just announced today that the bombs were made by experts:

Bomb expert behind Monday's court complex blasts, says police

A Bomb expert could be anybody from a terrorist having experience in Iraq, Afganistan, Indonesia to ex Special Forces from the Military or the Police, they are not your ordinary anarchist, hell they know what they are doing. 

My fervent hope is that the PDRM will get those bastards who planned and planted the bombs, if they are not caught God knows what kind of mayhem they could cause in the future. If they get caught I hope they stay behind bars for the rest of their natural lives.

Good luck PDRM!

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