Monday, 9 January 2012

I am truly shocked by the acquittal, am I alone?

I don't know about you friends but I am still in shock by Anwar Ibrahim's acquittal this morning. I have not yet read the full written judgement which I was advised from my twitter friends will only be out next week, so I do not want to say so much for now. 

Anyway, I believe I am not alone and I believe the whole Pakatan Leadership is in deep shock as well. They have been gearing for life without Anwar and now he has been given a survival rope by the very justice system that he condemned as unfair and  being under the thumb of the ruling BN Government. Now their Big strategy to capitalise on Anwar's jailing has been blown to smithereens. 

Back to the drawing board people, Anwar with his other personal problems(Chinadoll videos etc) will in the long run be a liability to the Pakatan which clearly need a new Leader with a Clean image if they have any hope of reducing the BN majority in the next PRU (Don't talk about Putrajaya lah, PAS Leaders are not even in agreement who will become PM if PR win the Gomen). 

The BN which has all along said that the trial is a private affair is well and truly vindicated. I think in fact, Pakatan Leaders should issue a public apology to BN for fitnah, the Courts are truly independent, remember Khir Toyo was found guilty and Lim Guan Eng also succeeded in his suit against Utusan who had to pay him RM200,000 compensation. 

In the coming months the the PR leadership issue and Anwar's personal problem will rear its ugly head, it will be a fire that will devour their cohesive unity and BN just need to wait as the fire spreads  PM Najib need not call the Elections now, let Pakatan burn itself first.

I would venture to say that with this acquittal, BN under PM Najib could even start dreaming of the  2/3rd majority again as the Pakatan major weapon to use Anwar's jailing as a rallying call has been effectively nullified. Finally the battle in the next PRU will be about policies and deliverables, which side can convince Malaysians that they can deliver a peaceful, stable and prosperous Malaysia will win Big. My bet will be on Barisan Nasional, they will ensure the peace, stability and prosperity that Malaysians had enjoyed all this while. Anyone would be mad to place their future on a Pakatan which promises plenty but delivers little and led by a exconvict jailed for abuse of power and twice acquitted of sodomy charges on technicalities not to mention other personal problems, no sir.

For interest, here is a picture of Wan Azizah and Anwar just after the acquittal (kebas dari Helen Ang's blog):

A picture tells a thousand words does it not?
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Anonymous said...

There is nothing to be shocked about. This is a conspiracy at the highest level by BN gomen, only Anwar is so damn silly for not be able to detect it he he he.

Like he said RAKYAT HAKIM NEGARA, as one of the rakyat, the verdict is guilty as charged. Full stop.

He is no longer relevant, so the 'not guilty' verdict is irrelevant. Ha Ha Ha, I will definitely ROTL to think that he thinks he is not guilty. Poor Azizah and .....what is his daughter's name? I cannot even remember.