Friday, 6 January 2012

Lets count our blessings first before we complain too much in public

Lets have a look at some religious persecution and display of extremism by various groups or Governments throughout the world:

Chinese mosque demolition heightens ethnic tensions
Nigeria: Christmas Day Bombings

Hindu Militants Attack India Evangelicals; Several Injured

China Crackdown On Christmas Celebrations Of House Churches

Oslo Shooter Anti-Muslim Christian Extremist

What is clear is that our blessed multiracial and multi-religious country Malaysia is an oasis of peace by comparison to the places and countries mentioned and not mentioned above. Even though everybody have their own complaints about anything under the sun I think it is only fair to say that the Government led by a very responsible BN is doing a balancing act trying to satisfy everybody and it is also fair to say that nobody can ever be satisfied, not when there are so many interested group to satisfy and the various sensitivities involved.

It seems PM Najib is doing much work meeting and visiting Malaysians from all walks of life as part of his job and of course in preparation for the coming General Elections seen by many to be called sooner than later and has been kind enough to meet with many minority groups to listen to their grouses. 

One such groups are the Christian Federation of Malaysia which PM Najib invited for lunch a couple of days ago. Because it was a closed door meet/lunch the public would not know what was discussed. The headline by MI after the meet however does not bode well for a multi religious multi racial country like ours though:

Reverend Moon, Head of Christian Federation Malaysia were quoted to have said "Christians were now resorting to raising their issues publicly because it was the most effective way for the government to take action". Read more here

I am not interested to debate on the merits of the issues which the learned Clergy wanted to raise especially on the interpretation of the Perlembagaan, I say if you want to quote the Perlembagan then you must read it thoroughly and understand the history behind its fomulation before saying other Malaysians are interpreting it wrongly or whatever. 

But I think if you want to say it then do it the quiet way through proper channels not publicly. Fine, if you insist on going public with your grouses to maximise publicity, but soon you will have others not happy about what you have to say join in the fray and go public as well and things may get ugly. Its not cricket to tell the PM to do this and that in public, he has many more things to do and many more majority and minority groups to take care as well. Like I said Religion is a very sensitive matter just look at the DUMC issue which when politicized threaten to engulf us in an orgy of hate but was resolved amicably by the wise actions of DYMM Sultan of Selangor himself, not through public discourse, I must add. 

We live in a peaceful and stable country, ALL religions are allowed to flourish though proselytizing is strictly not allowed. Lets count our blessings first before we complain too much in public shall we, it draws the wrong kind of attention more often then not.

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