Saturday, 21 January 2012

The AG appeals against Anwar's acquittal...Thank God

Its a good day for justice yesterday:

Read more in the NST here.

I can hear the Pakatan war drums backed up by their alternate mouthpiece in the Bar Council are up and running again and the hypocrites of the International NGOs and media will be calling the PM all sort of nonsense. Silly really, this country is Ruled by Law and just because a rich and influential politician such as Anwar is accused of sodomy, only he can Appeal? and the poor victim Saiful got no right to appeal? Bollocks.

Thank you Tan Sri Peguam Negara for deciding without fear or favor to appeal the High Court acquittal. I wish also that the Learned Judge's written Judgement for the acquittal can be put for public viewing, it would make for interesting reading.

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