Saturday, 14 January 2012

Marines caught urinating on Taliban corpses? Time for foreign forces to leave!

This story about US Marines urinating on the remains of alleged Taliban fighters in Afghanistan is very disturbing:

Photo and Report from the MI here

The elite American fighting soldiers of the Marine Corp who urinated on the corpse of their fallen enemies have lost their humanity. How many more of them does the American and Nato forces have in Afghanistan? I am convinced that the Americans and their NATO allies has lost the war that they created in Afghanistan. Its time that they leave, Ben Laden is dead and Al-Qaeda is no more. 

The Americans and NATO forces should just go home and let the Afghans rebuilt their nation themselves. Instead of bringing in guns and troops into Afghanistan, the West just help the Afghans to  built modern Schools and Universities and help them to feed themselves. 
Feed the hungry, for a Hungry man is an Angry man.

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