Monday, 9 January 2012

901Judgement Day- Anwar guilty or not, Saiful the victim will finally find closure

In less than 12 hours Anwar Ibrahim will know his fate whether he is found guilty or not for the crime of sodomy. Whether or not Anwar is found guilty or otherwise, the victim Saiful Bukhari will finally find closure. 

Anwar had been in this situation before way back almost 14 years ago, that time Anwar  had been convicted for abuse of power(6years) and sodomy(9 years) in 1998, he served his sentence for abuse of power but sadly the conviction for sodomy against his then driver Azizan was overturned by the Federal Court in a land mark 2-1 decision in 2004.

Anwar definitely had a fair trial in his second sodomy trial, the trial which took more than two years is probably the longest in Malaysian criminal history and boy did his defence team come up with almost all the legal tricks in the book with a record 60 postponements and the Trial Judge were even asked to be recused twice. Anwar had all the opportunities in Law to rebut the sodomy charge against him. Did he took that opportunity? Time will tell.

Some Anwar fanboys say that the judgement is a reflection of how fair the judiciary system is, I guess if Anwar is found not guilty his supporters will say the judiciary is fair, if he is found guilty than his supporters will say the Judiciary is under the thumbs of the Gomen... I say bollocks..these are immature thinking. The Judge will make a judgement based on the evidence adduced before him and nothing else, nothing extraordinary about it, its how any Judge around the world performs his job.

Whatever it is we Malaysians must show maturity, we should accept whatever the decisions of the High Court will be, no need to demo macam orang tak ada tuju hala. It is for Anwar's Defence or the Attorney General to appeal to the higher Courts of Appeal and the Federal Court if they are not satisfied with the High Court's decision what ever that will be. 

One thing for sure is that  in the years between 1998 - 2004 when Anwar was in jail, it must be said that it is one of the most politically stable and peaceful years for Malaysia that I have experienced. 

Justice for Saiful!

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Anonymous said...

so what do you think of the result?

eddy said...

I am shocked, that's the truth Bro...see my post on the acquittal.