Saturday, 28 January 2012

With loose cannon Anwar helming Pakatan, way is clear for BN to win big in the GE

Anwar Ibrahim our Opposition parties(Pakatan Rakyat) proclaimed PM in waiting is cranking up in overdrive with the upcoming General Election looming very near the horizon, some say its March some say its going to be June, I predict it would be  in 2012 probably in March but lets just see shall we. Anyway this post is about Anwar's latest statement from his interview with the not so BN Gomen friendly magazine, the Wall Street Journal Asia:

"I support all efforts to protect the security of the state of Israel,"
Anwar Ibrahim 

The full article from the WSJ Asia can be read here:

The persecution of the Palestinians People in the occupied territories by the Zionist Israel  is the worse example of human rights deprivation and abuse in the world at this time and we have here a politician who is  obsessed to become the PM of this blessed nation. a so called champion reformer and  of human rights of Malaysians telling the whole world that he supports  ALL efforts to protect the Zionist State of Israel? 

This is what former US President Jimmy Carter said about Israel:

I strongly believe Anwar is unsuitable for the very high office of the Prime Minister of Malaysia due to his past unsavoury record of being an ex convict jailed for abuse of power and twice being charged for sodomy with two different men in a space of less than 10 years, to add to his infamous roll of dishonours, this person now openly support the Zionist State of Israel which openly persecutes and kill Palestinians and deprive them of a nation state of their own.

Anwar has outlived his usefulness in Pakatan Rakyat, its time for him to go quietly, his unilateral statements are making him a liability to Pakatan's cause he ought to be replaced by more credible and morally upright leaders from amongst the PAS,DAP and PKR parties if they want to have any chance of cutting down the BN majority, please do not even think of Putrajaya because if you can only come up with leaders of Anwar's mediocre ability and very heavy personal baggage clearly the Pakatan is not ready to control the Federal Gomen.

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