Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Corruption small or big is CORRUPTION and is subject to our Laws

Is this the same person who calls for, no not call for but preaches for a "Bersih" Clean and Fair Election:
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Seems it is the same Bersih "boss" and learned Former President of the Bar Council, and I thought justice is supposed to be blind and it matters not who you are, big fish or small fish. Corruption is corruption whether you take RM10 or give RM1,000,000 to get unlawful advantage, it is a crime. There are no two ways about it.  

I tell you one thing, some people really get funny ideas under the glare of the spotlight don't they. I wonder what they will think of next if they are in power, repeal our unnatural sex Laws next? This blessed country will go to the dogs if these people are in power.

Perhaps the SPRM should give the "Bersih" boss lady a refresher course before she come out with more "brilliant" ideas in public. 

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