Monday, 27 September 2010

Richard Branson must stay out of the Judicial Affairs of Malaysia

Just read in the MI a report  about the UK multi billionaire Richard Branson call to our PM Najib to stop the ongoing Anwar sodomy trial:

The MI...Branson urges Najib to halt Sodomy II trial

If the reports are true than I have this to say to the UK multi-billionare:

Malaysia is a democratic sovereign country with it own Laws for its citizens, please butt out of the Judicial affairs of our country.

Let the Anwar Ibrahim Sodomy trial determine its own course, the truth will prevail.

Just stick to what you do best..making money from your great ideas, risk takings  and adventure spirit.

Thank You.


Anonymous said...

Apartheid South Africa also said the same thing when foreigners asked them to release Nelson Mandela from prison. "Mandela was tried by the court of law..bla.. bla..bla.."

eddy said...

Ah, big difference Expet, the great Nelson Mandela was fighting against the South African Apartheid Government, back then the ANC also engaged in armed struggle against the apartheid regime and was found guilty in 1964 by the South African courts for sabotage which by the way he did not deny and was sentenced to life in prison.

Yes,through out Mandela's imprisonment, local and international pressure mounted on the South African Apartheid government to release him, under the resounding slogan Free Nelson Mandela. In 1989, South Africa reached a crossroads when Botha suffered a stroke and was replaced as president by Frederik Willem de Klerk. De Klerk announced Mandela's release in February 1990. (read:

Here in Malaysia Anwar is facing a charge of sodomy, let the due process of the Law take its course and let Anwar make his defense in court. If he is innocent then the truth will prevail.

Malaysia certainly do not need Richard Branson or any body else to interfere in the administration of this sovereign country.

Anwar is certainly no Nelson Mandela.