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Malaysia-Instinct: Priest Condemns Islam: DAP Please Say Something!

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Priest Condemns Islam: DAP Please Say Something!
By Susan Lim
The case where a priest in Kuching condemned Islam heated up the boiling racial tension in the country.  As racial sentiment still filling up the air, what the priest said is seen as a clear provocation for the purpose of starting fire.

I, myself is uncomfortable with what is going on.  I know that the Muslims must be offended by the insensitiveness of the priest.
In America recently, another priest threatened to burn the Quran in retaliation of the construction of a mosque on the ground zero.  It seems that Islam has always been the target of the racists and shallow minded.
However, the rational Muslims seldom react to this condemnation by returning the same ‘favour’ such as burning the holy books of other religions or making a mock of their God or Gods.  This is explainable as it is spelled out clearly in Islam that it is wrong to do so.  
The rational Muslims believe that Islam is complete and perfect and nothing can be said or done to change that and those who condemn Islam and Allah will end up in great despair.
While Katy Lim cursed Allah, the Muslims in Malaysia didn’t return the ‘favour’ by cursing the Buddhist statues worshipped by Katy Lim.
The Muslims didn’t even mock the food offering to the Buddhist Gods which ended up in the dustbin as the Gods could not eat them. 
Muslims didn’t even laugh at Katy’s believe that the spirit of her ancestors will be unable to talk during Gong Xi Fa Chai after having eaten the sticky ‘kuih bakul’.
When Namawee mocked the Azan or the call for prayers, the Muslims didn’t react by mocking the deafening Chinese drums and the noisy cries of the paid actress in Chinese funerals. 
The Malays are angry when their race and religion is condemned and mocked but they are still very rational and mature so as to not do the same to others.  This is a clear prove of the Malays’ well-known manners, etiquette and moral values which are taught well by Islam. 
As a Chinese, I sometimes feel ashamed of the non-Muslims acts towards the Muslims.
In fact, what the Christian priest did in Kuching is actually an embarrassment to his own religion.  The Muslims must be thinking that Christian must have approved the act. 
Do Buddhist and Hindu approve it too?
Until today, we haven’t heard any comment or criticism from the Christian political leaders towards the priest.  Theresa Kok, for example, seems to have nothing to say about it at all. 
The DAP and PKR leaders who are mostly Christians, Buddhists and Hindus seem to have lost their voices just because it wasn’t their religion that was targeted. 
Do their religions allow them to condemn others?  Do other religions except Islam call for their followers to poke fun on other religions?
Or does this mean that these leaders are truly racists and anti-Malays hard-core?
It is shameful that we are still fighting in the name of race and religion.  If all religions take us to heaven, why the hell are we fighting?
When the Chinese kids splashed paints at the ‘surau’, the Malays accepted their apology amicably.  None of the Malay politicians went berserk towards the Chinese kids.  There were never any threat of ‘chop them off’, posted towards the kids.  But the Chinese politicians were quick to defend the Chinese kids and claimed that it was just an act of mischievous. 
However, when a Malay principal laid out the fact of other races being the immigrants, all of the Chinese politicians, especially DAP started barking and jumping around, almost panicking like crazy.  But the Malay politicians did not defend the Principal. In fact, they act rationally and left it to the authority to investigate and determine necessary action should she is found guilty. 
The Chinese politicians too are defending Namewee, a pure racist and traitor of the country and even look upon him as a hero... 

I pray there are more conscientious Malaysians like the above author at this time in our history. Good food for thought for ALL Malaysians. In matters of race and religion we should be rational at all times and  not fight fire with fire, do not bother with politicians who continuously stir shit for their political capital. Leave them to wallow in their muck.

As a matter of fact, I am, like many Malaysians are very interested to hear the opinions of Lim Kit Siang, Guan Eng, Theresa Kok, even Jimmy Chua Jui Meng who were quite busy with the Bible issue in the previous Sibu by election. Just want to know whether if what the priest say  about insulting Islam was true than would they condemn it with the kind of zealous fury that their Leader Lim Kit Siang displays towards other so called racists (read here and here).

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