Wednesday, 22 September 2010

Dato' Mohd Ariff Sabri: Perkasa should Distance itself from UMNO

I like to read Dato' Sak's posting in his blog, though sometimes I do not agree with what he says but most of the time he does make a lot of sense. This is a noteworthy article by him, great food for thought:

PERKASA should DISTANCE itself from UMNO.

..I have written many times, Perkasa grows more significant each day because UMNO has forfeited its role and function. The entire leadership has failed to tell the rakyat a more compelling story. It is therefore a valid call by Perkasa asking the PM to explain his 1 Malaysia concept to allay the fears of all. failure to explain so, or even a failure to speak of the same theme by different UMNO leaders, will expose that duplicitous character of the UMNO leadership. It speaks of moderation, but in reality it retains it Perkasa-like traits. 

I have written also, that most of these ideas are not finalized yet. They are in Najib's understanding, just prototype ideas. We have to do more tests. That is why, the language that he uses currently, is the language of the lab technician. 

Consider the tests that he wants us to perform. 
The test required the individual to ask himself, "How does my stand on ethnic-based issues impact each community? Will it improve harmony or cause hatred towards my own race? Can it lead to an improved relationship between the races and improve national unity on a whole, or will it do otherwise?"
This is a special message to Malays especially. It is to ask, really, if I now adopt Perkasa's ethnic centric stance, will that improve ethnic relations?...

...The UMNO Malay character, created by lab technicians in the many labs which Najib has set up, is sketched with great power of tolerance, discreet and deeply courteous. I and I hope many of us out there are curious to know whether the UMNO leadership is a believer in the duty of political celibacy and self restraint for the Malays, while non Malays are allowed a lot of room. That supports the test that Najib ask Malays to carry out. 

Hence for Najib's Malay, , under all possible outrage and peril, Malays must exercise restraint. Najib's Malay is submissive, tolerant, accommodating, extremely polite. Isn't this in direct opposite to what Perkasa stands for? Perkasa isn't going to say lets overcome social evils with good because that  is madness, Perkasa will not accept peacefully submitting to economic chains and stripes because it is base servility. 

How is this to be explained or reconciled? If this is what UMNO fights for, why should Perkasa not distance itself from UMNO? Right now, UMNO's own principles are as blurred as its President's vision. 

The test which every Perkasa member must take just to balance the test that Najib asks to be done is to ask whether there is one law of submissiveness for the Malay man, and another of defiance and conflict for the non Malay man? 

When it is the non Malays who imagined they are trampled and victimised, the UMNO lad government accords them room to air out and vindicate their rights? But when it is the Malays who are thus treated, the UMNO leader asks them to perform the acid tests first and require them to be patient, harmless, long-suffering, and forgiving. 

I want to ask, are there two Malaysias? 

read the rest of the superb article in full here .