Thursday, 23 September 2010

The political enigma that is YB Nazri Aziz

Minister Nazri Aziz is surely a most misunderstood man. He has been criticised and lambasted by people from both sides of the political divide thru'out his political career, he gives as good as he gets though. As a Cabinet Minister he is loyal to the Prime Minister of the day and is not shy to defend his current Boss even against the criticism of his former Boss, qualities that I admire..Loyalty for better or for worse. 

I think his Cabinet position in Parliament suits him well, his combative character hides a witty person who can give the Opposition a run for the money during debates and Question Times. At the moment I do not know of any BN MPs who can display  cool demeanour when crossing swords with the Opposition as incisively as Nazri Aziz. UMNO/BN needs this man for sure.

Nazri is never short of controversies though and the latest one being his spat with the Utusan:

The spat started with Utusan's Awang Selamat critique.....Alahai Nazri

Which must have touched a raw nerve and drew an unusually lengthy response from the Minister....Surat Terbuka Nazri Kepada Awang the end statement where Nazri stated that he is Malaysian First and Malay next drew a deliriously happy response  from Lim Kit Siang and even Tsu Koon. I am not sure what they are so excited about as Nazri said he is "Malaysian First and Malay next" he did not say "Malay second", I could be wrong but I think that is a distinct difference.

Anyway this ridiculous debate about being "Malaysian First and any race second" should  stop already as it does not benefit anybody and especially so if people who claim that they are Malaysian First and Race Second are also the same people defending the vernacular schools and refuse to entertain the Satu Sekolah Untuk Semua initiative.

Back to Nazri Aziz, love him or hate him he remains an enigma in Malaysian politics but he will be there when Parliament is in session all ready to defend the BN parliamentary line against the Opposition. Expect more and not less news from Nazri Aziz in the near future.

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