Friday, 24 September 2010

Lim Kit Siang:PR will move urgent motion on 1st day of Parliament Oct 11 if no satisfactory action taken against two school principals

DAP supreme Leader and defacto Opposition head by virtue of DAP's majority seat in the loose Pakatan Coalition has issued an ultimatum in his latest blog posting here.

At the end of his post YB Kit Siang wrote this:

"Let me serve notice that if no satisfactory action to honour Najib’s declaration of “Zero tolerance for racism” is taken, particularly in the public service with commensurate penalty meted out to the two school principals who made racist slurs, Pakatan Rakyat will move an urgent motion in the first day of Parliament when it reconvenes on Oct. 11 for the 2011 budget session to demand a full debate."

I hope that the BN Government is prepared to face the DAP head on with this challenge in Parliament, the details of the PSD disciplinary Commission findings and the Police Investigation report should also be revealed to find out what was really said and what was really reported and once and for all find a equitable final solution to resolve these innuendoes created by stories  from the media and politicians. 

I have full confidence that the Government main point man in Parliament, Minister Nazri Aziz supported by other MPs could engage in a civil debate on this very sensitive matter. 

Failure to take up the challenge will only embolden the DAP, the BN has not much option. Let our YBs engage these allegations head on and may the truth, common sense and sanity prevail. 

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