Tuesday, 11 December 2012

While Musa is kept busy with his detractors lets not forget Musa's allegation of political interference in PDRM

Things are really hotting up indeed between Retired IGP Musa and his detractors Robert Phang, Millionaire Polis pensioner Ramli even the Ex KL CID chief Mat Zain is not spared:

“I think this Ramli, he has strong influence with IGP [Ismail Omar] and the police...from the outside, it seems like he’s the white knight, saviour of PDRM [Royal Malaysian Police]… while I’m the black knight who is destroying PDRM… the picture has been painted as such....He [Ramli] should answer to the public… how he owns so much riches and wealth when he was still in service. Even I don’t have so much…despite the courts clearing Ramli of failing to declare some RM27 million worth of assets, for him[Ramli], it was still an unresolved question. How could a police officer only holding the post of CCID director amass such money?"
Ex-IGP Tan Sri Musa (Source FMT here)

"He also denied former KL CID chief Mat Zain’s claim that he (Musa) had fabricated evidence, relating to three reports on the injuries Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim received while in police custody in 1998.

Mat Zain had said: “I state, yet again, that I am willing to declare under oath in any judicial proceeding or before any judge that there was indeed an agreement between [Attorney-General Abdul] Gani [Pattail] and Musa to use Dr Abdul Rahman [Yusof] to fabricate the three so-called special reports on the injuries Anwar received while in police custody in 1998.”

Musa said he has no knowledge about any such reports, declaring that he has no power to order any doctor to do anything.

“He [Mat Zain] is the one who investigated the case. He should have the reports,” he said.
He said Mat Zain, along with Ramli, was trying to discredit him."

Seems that Robert Phang had an axe to grind with TS Musa too:

"Musa, who was the country’s top cop from 2006 to 2010, claimed that Phang held grudges against him after he refused to accept Phang’s offer to be his advisor.

“During my tenure as the IGP, he[Phang] always come up to me and offered himself to be my advisor. I refused, wondering why do I need an advisor when I’m still able to think for myself?” said Musa."

And Robert Phang has now been given 3 days to apologise to Malaysian Crime Watch Group (My Watch) or face a defamation suit, read the story in the Mole.my here.

Seems the skeleton, well many skeletons are coming out of the closet which I hope one day in future will lead to a independent PDRM with officers of the best calibre and high integrity. 

However, we musn't forget that all these backbiting among retired high ranking Polis Officers started when TS Musa Hassan raised once again the specter of political interference in Polis matters which beside one or two distracting comments by the KDN Minister have so far met with a wall of official "elegant" silence from the KDN Minister, KDN Officials and the current IGP. 

If the powers that be thought that  feisty TS Musa Hassan will go away quietly into the sunset after he let off steam, and to have his comments very nicely swept under the carpet later, then,  the powers that be better think again....the Pakatan Opposition will soon join the fray if they have not started already: 

This is one great election issue when the Pakatan don't have much issue left to take up against the BN going into PRU13.

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