Wednesday, 5 December 2012

Justice has been served, Corperal Jenain set free

Today Polis Corperal Jenain Subi was set free by the High Court, when his conviction at the Sessions Court for causing the death of Aminulrasid Hamzah in 2010, was overturned by Justice Abdul Rahman Sebli.

Notable Quotes:

Judge Abdul Rahman concluded it was clear that the appellant had intended to shoot at the car to immobilise it.
“No prima facie case had in fact been established against the appellant and his defence should not have been called,” 
The judge also said the loss of life was unfortunate but the police must not be blamed for the deceased’s death.
Read the story here.
I have always thought that while it is a tragedy that Arwah Aminulrasyid had died from Polis gunfire, the Polis officers had  no way of knowing who they were chasing that fateful night and as far as they were concerned after giving due warnings and the car in front would not stop, the Polis must presume that they are chasing armed and dangerous criminal. 
Today, I believed justice has been served for Corperal Jenain and the PDRM.

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Anonymous said...

I agree. Eventhough the accidental death of someone so young was a tragedy.. the police should not be blamed for doing their job.

If we need to blame somebody, we should blame the parents for not teaching the kid well. It is not ok to break the law, no matter how small. At one point in time, you or your loved ones may have to pay dearly for it.