Monday, 17 December 2012

In the 2012 DAP CEC election, DAP Chinese showed their middle finger to DAP Malays

The result of the 2012 DAP CEC Elections will echo down the years and will cement DAP as a Chinese Chauvinist Party which treats its non Chinese members with disdain worst contempt. It seems the UBAH message really got into the DAP delegates' head, the DAP Chinese delegates are saying enough of this political rhetoric of hypocritical Leaders, DAP is a Chinese Party. 

The result also underscores that DAP Chinese cannot stomach a DAP Malay Leader, why I say that, well even Zairil Khir Johari a Chinese with a Malay name was shot down in the votes. The DAP delegates are telling the whole world that DAP is NOT a multiracial party but a party belonging to DAP  Chinese while the Indians or the Malays are just multiracial tokens, period.

The CEC election results showed that DAP's Malaysian Malaysia is a myth, its just rhetorics as the DAP do not practise what they preach and they do not give a damn what other Malaysians say.

If some of you are asking why the DAP is being savaged for the CEC election results, read what Dato' Ahirudin said in his blog:

Blogger bru said...
Anon-Anon, especially those who love to compare DAP and UMNO when it comes to being race-based. Don't go missing the point. We all know UMNO is a Malay party, just as MIC is an Indian based party and MCA is a party for the Chinese. The respective races' names/identities are clearly and proudly spelt out in each party's name (and constitution).

The difference is simple: DAP claims to be NOT a Chinese-based party, not a party that promotes the interest of one race above others, Malaysian Malaysia, etc. Yet the truth/fact is, DAP is all that it claims it is not.

If there had been doubts about this before, the latest party elections would have cleared the air once and for all.
For the Malays in DAP I have this much to say to people deserved every disdain and contempt heaped upon you by the Chinese in DAP. Don't bother to join other parties as I know you guys just love the breadcrumbs and shit thrown at you in the DAP.

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