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No smoke without fire and silence is not an option

Ex IGP dropped a bomb shell again last week during the UMNO General Assembly, I said again because he did said almost the same thing when he retired in 2010 read : Campurtangan Tangan Siasatan Polis: Jangan Ulang Feel Anwar

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I  think all matured citizens would want a Good Government and Good Governance and demands the highest standards from our Civil Servants who must be free from any political interference whatsoever, especially if it involves the integrity of our nation security keepers, the PDRM. The last political figure in Government who interfered with Polis work was the then Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia Anwar Ibrahim who was charged in 1998 for abuse of power and was jailed for that offence. So any allegation of interference by politicians or  the powers that be on Polis matters must be taken seriously.

While many of us are waiting for a official response from the KDN Minister, KDN Ministry officials or the current IGP himself in the form of a press statement or even a Press Conference..hmm, reminds me of the 'golden' Pak Lah days when Silence is 'elegant', but anyway  many have come out of the woods to pour scorn on TS Musa, some examples, see how "killing the messenger and  ignore the important message" trick is being employed, here are some notable ones:

TS Robert Phang came out with this lively post: MUSA HASSAN IS A TWO FACED LYING FRAUDSTER ...ya right and an SD is no proof of wrong doing alsolah its just one man's written word against someone else, Tan Sri.

What takes the cake is this; Ex Top Polis Officer and current millionaire pensioner Ramli demonizing Ex IGP Musa read: Ramli Yusof vs Musa Hassan a case of 'mengata dulang paku serpih, nak mengata orang takut-takut dia yang lebih'. 

The allegation by Ramli was promptly denied by TS Musa here who even asked the MACC to investigate.

And for my friends who thinks that there maybe a konspirasi between TS Musa Hassan and Anwar because of a dropped suit and a rumored phone call, think again, TS Musa was the Polis Officer in Charge in 1998 whose investigation was the foundation of the various charges of abuse of power and sodomy against Anwar which brought Anwar down from almost being our Prime Minister to  imprisonment  in Penjara Sg. Buluh. There is no love lost between TS Musa and Anwar that is for sure. This is not politics where there are no permanent friends and no permanent enemies. Read from the FMT:

No conspiracy against Anwar, says Musa again

Teoh El Sen
 | December 6, 2012
The ex-IGP attempts to clear the air over lingering suspicion that he was involved in a government conspiracy to set-up Anwar Ibrahim in both Sodomy I and II.
PETALING JAYA: Former inspector-general of police Musa Hassan has reiterated that the Sodomy I and II cases were not part of a political conspiracy to bring down Opposition Leader Anwar Ibrahim.
Musa, who was the investigating officer of the 1998 case and was serving as the IGP when the more recent 2008 allegation by Mohd Saiful Bukhari Azlan surfaced, told FMT that both were “straight forward cases.”
Responding to claims that he was a party to fabrication of evidence in the first sodomy case, Musa stressed:”There was no fabrication of evidence. He [Anwar] was charged in court.”
“And then I sued Anwar in court [on his allegation of fabrication] and he wanted me to settle with him. So what fabrication was there? The case was dropped because he wanted us to settle it out of court. So there is nothing more.”
Asked why he agreed to a settlement when he claims to be right, Musa replied: “Because to me [if] that person feels that there is no point to [continue with it] then [it shows] that I am not involved. Perhaps he has realised that I am not involved that’s why he wants so settle [out of court].”
Musa was referring to his recent decision to drop a defamation suit against Anwar, who lodged a report against Musa in 2008 accusing him and Attorney-General Abdul Gani Pattail of fabricating evidence in the 1998 ‘black eye’ incident and the Sodomy I trial.
PKR, who had since then insisted that there was no out-of-court settlement and that it was Musa who initiated a withdrawal, had said that Musa’s action was “proof” that there was a government plot to fabricate evidence over the Sodomy I charges.
Musa’s lawyers had cited a “misunderstanding” over the ex-IGP’s role in the 1998 “black eye” incident where Anwar was assaulted by the then IGP Abdul Rahim Noor while in police custody.
On his role in Sodomy II, Musa also rubbished claims that he was a “main actor in the script”.
“Why do they say I am doing the script when it is Saiful who lodged the report, not me. I didn’t want to see Saiful even then. He [Saiful] even said in court that I scolded him [when he tried to contact me], that [I told him] if you have a problem, you lodge a police report. So I’m not involved in any conspiracy here. What are they talking about?” he said.
FMT: Do you know any of any of these ‘script writers’ who were involved in the Sodomy II then?
Musa: It is a straight up case. [A police report was] lodged by the complainant.
Wouldn’t you say there were political reasons behind it?
That you have to ask them because I don’t know the facts about who he [Saiful] saw.
I’m sure you would have certain information from your SBs at the time.
To me if it is very material that he met someone, then that someone must go to court and give evidence, that’s all. So if a person doesn’t give evidence in court, then is it my conspiracy? Come on.
Are you referring to Anwar’s position to actually not give evidence in the witness statement but to give a statement at the dock?
No, not Anwar. There was an allegation to say that they met the prime minister right? Then the prime minister will have to go to court if it is deemed that his evidence is important. Of course as the prime minister anybody can see him to complain, because he is the PM, but what I feel is that he should [have] advised him [Saiful] to lodge a police report, that’s all. Source FMT here.

Which takes us back to the start of the issue, so when is the KDN Minister, KDN or the IGP is going to give a categorical denial against TS Musa's allegation? Silence is not an option, the integrity of the Polis force is at stake.

An ex KDN Minister has issued a denial read TS Syed Hamid Albar's here. Thank you Tan Sri.

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