Sunday, 9 December 2012

Chinese Still against Lynas Gebeng plant?

Very interesting post from Dato' Rocky Bru's: 

Lynas: A report by the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining

The Lynas Gebeng plant is going to be one of the best high technology investment our country would have, it will not only generate much high income for Malaysians but will put Malaysia on the map as a rare earth processing centre, rare earth necessary for the most of the green technology products made now and the future. Sadly the opposition to the Lynas Gebeng has temporarily sullied Malaysia's reputation as a safe haven for FDIs. 

Dato' Ahirudin rightly pointed out in his blogpost:

"What the author hasn't touched on is the political radiation inflicted on the parties involved in the Gebeng facility. And just as well, too, because this is not unique to Lynas. Political poison is released on about every major project, from AES to the latest skyscraper."

The dogged opposition to the Lynas Gebeng plant has taken a new twist too:

Chinese still against Lynas plant, say activists 

The Chinese are against the Lynas plant? but why? Singling out Lynas Gebeng when there are many other petrochemical plants and other plants already in operation for decades that can seriously harm our environment without proper safety mitigation measures does smack of hipocrisy isn't it? 

Anyway lets just hope that this opposition to Lynas Gebeng is not being dominated by one race only, it will give the wrong signal to the majority Malaysians. Remember Newton's Law? For every action there will always be a reaction, so to oppose is fine but oppose with scientific factslah and not because of political reasoning, if you do, you are actually pouring sand into other Malaysian rice bowl, the workers of Lynas, their family members and don't forget the very many suppliers and contractors to the high tech plant also.  

I hope those SMSL and himpunan Hijau type understand where they are going with their opposition to Lynas Gebeng. Definitely Pakatan Rakyat won't win the votes of the majority with this thinghy.

Here is the must read Nat Geo article as recommended by Dato' Ahiruddin link:

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