Thursday, 13 December 2012

If PR insistence on closing down industries producing radioactive waste is taken seriously, Malaysians just as well go back to the stone age

The Anti Lynas, anti anything the BN Gomen do is up to their no good fear mongering routine again, after trying without success to use the Malaysian Courts to stop the Lynas Gebeng from firing up they are now focusing their evil intention on the waste product produced by Lynas Gebeng which by the way;

"The synthetic aggregate Lynas will produce is required to have radioactivity of no more than one becquerel (Bq) per gramme. To put it in perspective, that's the same as the background radiation at a quarry (producing gravel) and the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) recommended safe level is 5Bq. So Lynas will be producing so-called radioactive material that is less than a fifth of what is still considered to be the safe dosage according to the experts, and less than that produced by a cathode-ray tube television set."
Read more from The Choice here.

Despite failing to mislead majority Malaysians, a Pakatan/PKR Politician who once misleadingly described the Lynas Gebeng plant as a Nuclear Reactor, read:


.....shameless Fuziah is trying her luck again and now tells the public that Lynas Gebeng will be producing harmful radioactive waste that cannot be kept in the country read;

Lynas sets the tone, while BN dances to its tune

There is an open letter to Fuziah after her interview with PAS Tv where she attacked Lynas Gebeng (full article and the open letter can be read here):


I wish to draw to your(Fuziah) attention that numerous industries within Malaysia, and around the world, generate radioactive waste. And if your comments are to be taken seriously, by shutting down industries that produce radioactive waste, a vast array of products, goods and services would no longer be available to society.
These include:
* Hybrid cars, energy-saving light bulbs, mobile phones, electricity-generating wind turbines, and almost all electronic and computer equipment
* Petrol and diesel fuel, all other mineral oils and natural gas
* Airplanes, space vehicles, white pigments, toothpaste
* Phosphate fertilisers for agriculture
* Ceramic tiles, porcelain
* Electricity generated by burning coal or geo-thermal sources
* products made from or with an addition of iron, copper, tin, aluminium, zinc, lead, tantalum, etc
* Clean drinking water produced from water treatment.
I am confident that you are “not against progress”; however, in following your own logic, the oil and gas industry in Malaysia should be shut down and people should be banned from using phosphate fertilisers, living in houses with ceramic tiles, driving cars, flying on airplanes, and using any kind of electronic equipment.
This is no exaggeration – simply an extension of your own logic."
Read the rest of the open letter to Fuziah from the Consultant here.

I tweeted this just a few hours ago:

if PR and SMSL insistence on closing down industries producing radioactive waste is taken seriously,we just as well go back to the stone age

Enough said.

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