Wednesday, 19 December 2012

PRU13: SPR be warned, 'citizen observers' could cause chaos at the balloting centers

The way passed their expired life group called 'Bersih' lead by Ambiga wants to give some life back to their havoc creating ways, seems in the next election they want to have 'citizen observers' to spot their make believe 'PRU13 fraud':

Ambiga, is it not enough that you have inconvenienced the voters by forcing the SPR to have our fingers painted with black indelible ink during the election? 

Now you want your Bersih goons who rioted on the streets on 28 April 2012 whacking policeman and vandalising properties to become 'citizen observers'? 

Please lah Ambiga, do us  peaceful voters a favour, just go to vote at your own constituency and go home wait for the results, the SPR and the Polis are able to ensure a fair and free election without your 'Bersih' goons anywhere near the polling booth. 

Cheating in elections? What the hell are you talking about Ambiga? 5 States fell to your beloved Pakatan of DAP,PKR,PAS in PRU 12 what, is that not proof enough that the elections have been free and fair? You are as clueless about Malaysian elections as that Senator from Australia Xenophon whatever his name.

Its a good thing that SPR replied strongly to Ambiga's shit stirring idea:

EC accuses Ambiga, Bersih of partisan agenda

I think better yet the SPR should lodge a Polis Report about Ambiga's Bersih's undemocratic and partisan intention which would cause nothing but interference to Malaysia's democratic voting process in the next PRU13.

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