Thursday, 20 December 2012

Sandy Hooks: Bring your troops home Uncle Sam

I am deeply sorry for the  Americans who have lost their loved ones in the Sandy Hook massacre  which occurred last week. 

The victims young and old were allegedly killed by the lone gunman using a Bushmaster .223 assault rifle which could be bought by civilians in America:

A file picture of a Bushmaster .223 Assault Rifle allegedly used at the Sandy Hook massacre
The loss of so many innocent American lives by a made in America gun fired by an American gunman is tragic, but have a thought of innocent lives lost throughout the world outside the USA, by made in America weaponry fired by Americans too. 

Read the USA No.1 killing Platform in Pakistan and probably Afghanistan
It begs the question why with so much money spent and so many Americans, Iraqis and Afghans and Pakistani lives lost in the Afghanistan war and not forgetting the Iraq war, not forgetting also that Osama ben Laden is now dead, the United States of America is still not safe! 

Best is for Uncle Sam to pack up US troops in Afghanistan all 68,000 of those brave  men and women and bring them home, the Afghans will never submit to foreigners and they never have, the British Empire, the Communist USSR tried and all failed to subdue the Afghans. These well trained American troops are best deployed to guard US citizens in America from harms way.

After the massacre at Sandy Hooks, only God knows when the next one will happen and how many more innocent lives will be lost. As long as the gun lobby in the US are not subdued, America will never be safe from murdering whackos with guns freely available in that country. 

America, Remember Sandy Hooks, Bring your Troops home. But wait there is a super intresting conspiracy theory here, must read:

Super Viral: Israeli death squads involved in Sandy Hook bloodbath: Intelligence analyst

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