Monday, 26 September 2011

Undilah, Undilah Cik Mek Molek

The publicity surrounding the "Undilah" vid by Pete Teo featuring politicians and actors/actresses wannabee rap artist etc. is hillarious to me, it created a controversy when it was alleged that the MCMC had banned the vid, blogger Tony Yew's has the story here. I have seen the video, I think it is politically loaded, what's more I think it is pro Opposition, any video which started with the words "negara bermasaalah" is anything but political and has anti-BN agenda written all over it, Tung Shin Hospital shot, yes, lets not kid ourselves about it being apolitical. 

I have seen the video, I did not think it impressive despite some famous local names in it, the production was sleek though, have a look see:

Anyway, BN folks should not be complaining about the video too much, it is after all an independent production not funded by the Government. Why not BN produce a more interesting video in response to Pete Teo's Undilah? I suggested in my tweets to get KRU to produce a video, friends in twitter say Mamat Khalid is better and then I thought of the movie Man Laksa and M.Daud Kilau came into mind with his song Cik Mek i thought a good lyric for a video response should have M.Daud Kilau singing "Undilah, Undilah Cek Mek Molek"......

I don't know about you but I am tired of vids done by namewee, BN should really consider Mamat Khalid to do a response vid with the opening done by the Prime Minister or SPR Chairman as suggested by a tweeter friend. Start with Malaysia Negara Kita , Malaysia Negara Bertuah.


Anonymous said...

Rather crude but subtle PR campaign.

Yes, the BN should use better marketing mix to counter these sort of meaningless catch phrases.

Perhaps a progress report of the elected reps of Pro vs Opp.

Do a running comentary about areas such as Subang Jams, Segambut Filth, Cheras Crimes, Bukit Bintang Pick Pockets..... Come on BN, put on your thinking caps.


eddy said...

Salam Bro,good points for BN to think about instead of wasting RM18 million to sponsor QPR, the Khazanah Management could easily employ many talented directors and actors/actresses to give PR video campaigns a run for their money.