Tuesday, 6 September 2011

Dear YAB DS Najib Razak, please be informed that many Malaysians wants the PPSMI back

The Gomen under Najib Razak must face fresh realities on the issue of the learning and teaching of Science and Mathematics in English with more and more groups other than PAGE coming out in support of the PPSMI. This issue will not go away even if the Gomen tries other systems on our poor schoolchildren bruised and battered over the years by the Gomen lack of political will in implementing what was a good teaching system which would propel our children in no small way into the technology and internet age, the PPSMI.

Malay NGO backs PPSMI policy

PETALING JAYA: A Malay non-governmental organisation backs the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English following a survey result among 15,000 respondents nationwide.

Jaringan Melayu Malaysia (JMM) said the four-month survey found that 54% of the respondents nationwide, including parents from rural areas, preferred PPSMI to be retained.

Some 70% of the respondents were Malays.

Although JMM's constitution stated its role in upholding the Malay language, the demands of the parents supporting the teaching of Science and Mathematics in English (PPSMI) must not be denied, said itspresident Azwanddin Hamzah.

“We have refrained from making any statement until the completion of the survey.

“Now, based on the findings, we urge the Government to listen to the voices of parents who want the best for their children and review its decision to abolish PPSMI,” Azwanddin said.

The survey also stated that 66% of parents from rural areas agreed that teaching Mathematics and Science in English would give their children a chance at a brighter future.
“Instead of abolishing it completely, the Government should give parents a say in the education of their children.

“For example, some schools in the city or large towns could offer PPSMI.

“The parents are supportive of the move. It is up to the Government and teachers to be prepared for the teaching of the two subjects in English.

“English is one of the requirements for our children to further their studies overseas, as well as being the main criterion in almost 12 million job applications in the nation,” said Azwanddin in a statement.

He added that results of the survey mirrored the findings of education advocacy group Parents Action Group For Education Malaysia (PAGE) which was in favour of PPSMI.

He said JMM was prepared to meet the Prime Minister with their findings with PAGE if necessary.

PAGE chairman Datin Noor Azimah Abdul Rahim called for a meeting with the Cabinet to find a lasting solution to the issue.

The termination of the PPSMI before having done a proper long term research on its successes or limitations was ill advised and premature. The Gomen should stop drawing on sand with their toes, just bite the bullet and give the PPSMI a new breath of life. At least give the Parents and their Children the option to decide what kind of education they want for themselves.

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