Tuesday, 27 September 2011

Mahmoud Abbas speech at the UN General Assembly, God bless the people of Palestine

Mark this date: 23 September 2011 where President Mahmoud Abbas gave a rousing speech in the UN 66th General Assembly to support Palestine application to become a full member state. The speech  will be hailed as one of the top 100 speeches made in this century, it is a game changer, the Palestinian says to Israel and their supporters enough, enough, enough to intransigence and deceit. 

The text of the speech by President Abbas can be read here.

While President Abbas's speech was greeted positively by many around the world, Israel's Prime Minister speech was greeted with disdain by much of the world community of nations:

Netanyahu proved Israel doesn't want peace

Netanyahu shows to the world that Israel wants neither an agreement nor a Palestinian state, and for that matter not peace, either.

It will be a long road to formal statehood for the Palestinian though, as how successful President Abbas and the Palestinian people will be, will depend on how long the US, UK, France and Germany allow and support the Israel Regime to behave above International Law. 

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